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Scandinavian Outdoor

Scandinavian Outdoor, a Finland-based outdoor and camping chain, rents tents, backpacks, and other equipment to hikers through Twice. They operate a click-and-collect model, where the customer makes a reservation online and picks up the equipment from the shop of their choice. For the website integration, Scandinavian Outdoor uses Twice's embedding option. Visit Scandinavian Outdoor's website →

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British Rab rents quality outdoor equipment for hikers and mountaineers. Customers select the products they want online, and the equipment is then sent to the customer in a reusable package. After use, the customer can use the same package for the return and drop it off at the nearest post office. Rab's in-house service team ensures items return to peak condition after every use. For the website integration, Rab uses Twice's embedding option.

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Decathlon UK

Decathlon UK rents a wide range of sports and outdoor equipment, from electric bikes to car rooftop tents. Decathlon offers online customers the option of picking up the items they have booked from the store or choosing local delivery. Decathlon uses Twice as a standalone booking site linked to the main site.

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All Supermoto

All Supermoto is a full-service motorcycle dealer that also rents out street and adventure motorcycles to tourists, among others, who want to experience Norway's breathtaking scenery on two wheels. Ancillary services also include route planning. ASM uses Twice's embedding options for website integration.

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Laajis Urban Outdoors

Laajis is a skiing and sports center in central Finland, offering a wide range of activities all year round. From the Laajis online store, you can rent bikes, SUP boards, and skis and buy tickets to the adventure park. Laajis uses Twice as a standalone booking site.

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Tänndalen, a ski and outdoor resort in Sweden, is using Twice as a booking platform to sell summer activities online. On the online store, you can book bikes and kayaks for rent or one of the many guided tours. Tänndalen uses Twice as a standalone booking site linked to their main site.

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Aurum Bikes

Aurum Bikes is the top bike brand of two cycling greats, Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso. Aurum uses Twice as a standalone booking platform for bike test events.

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Lighthouse Bikes

Lighthouse Bikes is a local bike shop in Portland, Maine. They use Twice for their online bookings for rentals and guided tours.

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Teide Cycling

Teide Cycling is a must-stop for cycling enthusiasts in Tenerife. In addition to strong local knowledge, they offer quality road bikes for hire, guided rides, and road cycling coaching. Their online shop is hosted on Twice.

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Island Fever

Island Fever is a Jersey-based party and event organizer that plans and executes a wide range of events, from weddings to charity. You can hire equipment for a variety of needs from their online hire collection. All hires include free delivery and installation.

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Katve is a fully online camping equipment rental service. They offer complete packages as well as individual items, making it easy for the occasional hiker to set off on a trip. Customers can either pick up the products from the warehouse or choose to have them delivered by post.

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Johans Städmaskiner

Johans Städmakiner sells and rents industrial cleaning equipment to companies for various needs. Offering both pick-up and delivery options there are no more excuses for keeping places clean. They use Twice  to run their rental service.

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Roll Outdoors

Roll Outdoors rents bikes and organizes tours in four unique locations around Finland. Book bikes and courses and buy gift cards in the Roll Outdoors online store.

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City Self Storage

City Self Storage is a Norwegian self-storage chain. As an additional service, the company offers for rent a wide range of equipment for moving goods, such as carry straps and sack trolleys.

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Game Kings

Game Kings is a rental company specializing in the fun. They have a wide range of yard games, from giant Jenga to vintage arcade machines.

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RentSki is a full-service ski rental company in Värmland, Sweden. Located near three major ski resorts, RentSki has a large customer base, which it serves both online and in-store. RentSki also offers a delivery option directly to the customer's accommodation, making ski rental even easier.

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Evale Group

Evale Group is a Perth-based plant and equipment rental agency with a wide range of equipment one might need for landscaping, site development, or construction projects.

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Calix Equipment Rentals

Calix is an equipment rental company based in Norwalk, CT. Their website and online store are built with Twice.

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Call and Ride Mallorca

Call and Ride Mallorca is not only the number one bike rental company in Palma but also the local expert with the best tips on what to do and see on your holiday in Palma. In addition to booking bikes and tours on their website, check out their blog as well.

Visit Call & Ride Mallorca's website →

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Motonet is Finland’s leading retail chain for motorists and do-it-yourself people. Through its network of 39 department stores, the company sells car parts, mechanic’s tools, and other equipment and offers a variety of additional services to fulfill the needs of an active free-time handyman. In 2021, the company launched its rental service with trailers and has since expanded to other product categories, including power tools, cleaning, and gardening equipment.

Visit Motonet's website →

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Murray Bridge Trailer Hire

Murray Bridge Trailer Hire in Australia literally has a trailer for every need. Their hassle-free online bookings are powered by Twice.

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