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Intersport Levi chooses Rentle for better ecommerce capabilities

Intersport Levi, part of the international sports retailer chain, partners with Rentle to speed up and improve rental operations both in-store and online.

Sports Retail and Rentals
10-20 Person Team

Over 10 years of experience in sports retail

Intersport Levi is one of the major sports equipment retailers and rental operators in Levi village, the biggest ski resort in Finland. The entrepreneurs, Jukka Savo and Hanna Kyyhkynen-Savo have run the shop since 2009 and combine over 50 years of experience from the sports retail and rental industry.

Together with their team, they have grown their company to a full-service sports shop with twentyish full- and part-time employees, serving sports and outdoor enthusiasts around the year.


Switching to Rentle was a smooth process

Intersport Levi already had years of experience using software to manage rentals before switching to Rentle’s cloud-based ski rental software.

Changing the software obviously required some effort but was a straightforward and easy process as the existing inventory data could be imported to Rentle.

Starting in December 2020, Rentle is supporting Intersport Levi’s rental operations. According to the store manager, Ella Klemola, the staff has been happy with the change as Rentle is very easy to learn and intuitive to use.

Intersport Levi is preparing for the growing ecommerce trend

Intersport Levi’s decision to manage rental operations with Rentle had three main drivers.

  1. The shop’s rental operations are now faster with Rentle’s check-in kiosks. The check-in kiosks automate the most time-consuming parts of serving the rental customers, such as collecting customer information and moving the information to the software.
  2. Rentle supports the requirements of international tourists better. While tourists can now choose from over 10 languages in which they prefer to check in, Intersport Levi can now provide a better customer experience in people’s native language and overcome most of the issues that language barriers might cause.
  3. With Rentle’s eCommerce solutions, the company is able to develop and make the most out of the growing trend of online booking.


Cover photo: House of Lapland

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