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🌍 We're hiring globally - to enable a world that is made to make less.

The way we consume goods is changing - it's not anymore about owning stuff. Instead, we care about the experience enabled by the stuff we use. To put it simply, it’s about what we can do, not what we own.

The challenge we face is that today's commerce software is almost exclusively designed for selling ownership, not access. To grow sales via quantity, not quality. This makes it unnecessarily complicated for both consumers and businesses to discover the vast potential of outside ownership.

Twice exists to empower merchants with a commerce platform that expands them from unit sales to services, from ownership to access, from unsustainability to sustainability.


Work from where you want - the way you want.

We're located in Helsinki, Finland, but hire globally — even if you are constantly moving.



Join our office at Helsinki, or work remotely in Finland. We are more than happy to help you with relocating if needed.



Ready to employ you remotely wherever you are and can help you set up everything you need to live a nomad lifestyle.

Perks & benefits

We want you to be autonomous, motivated, and full of energy to be the best version of yourself.

Inclusive compensation

We have a transparent and inclusive leveling and compensation model. Something we will review together during the hiring process.

Everyone is an owner

All of our employees get options as part of their compensation package. You can decide the weight between salary and equity.

3-Day Recovery Week

We are believers in a 3-day recovery week and put a lot of effort into maximizing your recovery. Ask more during the hiring process.

Healthcare & Insurances

Like any responsible employer, we make sure you are covered.

Paid Annual Leave

Everyone gets a 5-week paid annual holiday because there's more to life than work.

Devices & Equipment

We provide you with the devices and equipment you need to succeed.