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Start selling subscriptions to your products

Everything you need to transform your business model from unit sales into recurring revenue.


Build lasting revenue and customer relationships

Sell subscription products and offer your customers an alternative for one-time purchases.


Create recurring revenue streams

Generate consistent and reliable cash flow and get better visibility to forecast and plan the future of your business.


Increase customer loyalty

Create brand experiences that turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers with higher lifetime value.


Enjoy higher profit margins

Reach a higher profit margin per unit compared to conventional sales.


Extend product lifecycle

The subscription business model helps extend the product lifecycle of manufactured goods through refurbishment, recycling, and reselling.

All the tools for launching a product as a subscription service

Create seamless subscription experiences with our built-in subscription management tools.


Online store

Build an online store for your subscription business and start selling subscriptions online. You can use Rentle to create a standalone online store or integrate to your existing website.

Product catalog

Create a product catalog that matches the way your customers want to buy, rent or subscribe to products.

Inventory management

Manage a two-way inventory as easily as a linear one. Rentle allows detailed tracking of each individual product throughout its lifecycle.


Subscription payments

Rentle's built-in payment processing helps you accept one-time and recurring payments securely. Moreover, you can charge security deposits to cover the risk of lost or damaged products.

Order fulfillment

Streamline your sales process by having one place where you can seamlessly manage all your orders from every sales channel.

Customer management

Have all your customer data stored in one place and follow the development of your active subscribers.

Consumer app

Provide your customers an easy way to manage their subscription, payment methods, and more.

Launching a subscription business with Rentle


Create a free Rentle store

Start building your subscription store by signing up for Rentle. No credit card required.

Add your products and services

Add the products and services to Rentle to which you're selling subscriptions. You can define a pricing model for each product separately and choose which products you want to sell on a one-time basis, recurringly, or rent for a short period.

Customize your store

Customize the look and feel of your online store, set up payments, and you're ready to go! 

Learn more about selling subscriptions

What subscription models does Twice support?

Currently, Twice supports the subscription rental model for individual products.

Can I sell memberships with Twice ?

Selling membership subscriptions is not yet supported in Twice, but we're working hard to add full support in the future.

Can I sell subscription boxes with Twice?

Selling subscription boxes is not supported in Twice.

What is subscription sales?

Subscription sales is a revenue model that involves the sale of products or services on a recurring basis. This type of sales model allows companies to create long-term customer relationships, as customers agree to purchase a specific product or service for an extended period of time.

Subscription sales also provide consistent revenue for companies, as they can rely on their customers to make regular payments throughout their customership. Common examples of subscription services include magazine subscriptions, streaming services, software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, and subscription meal plans. Recently, products-as-a-subscription service models have started to gain traction among consumers and businesses.

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