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Sell products and services

Everything you need to sell products and services online and in person.


Sell merchandise

Help your customers to buy or rent

Increase customer value by helping customers choose how they want to purchase your products.

One shopping bag

Streamline the shopping experience by providing a single shopping bag and checkout for rentals and sales.


Sell second-hand

Extend the product life cycle

Give your rental products a second life after they've served you long enough.

Increase profit margin

Increase your products’ profitability by first renting them and then selling them second-hand.


Sell services

Guides & Tours

Provide unforgettable experiences by taking your customers to unique places. Always have the right amount of products available for your guests.

Courses & Lessons

Educate your customers on how they can get the most out of your products.


Sell tickets to venues where your customers can use the products.

Gift cards

Turn your products and services into perfect gift ideas.

Cancellations, returns, and refunds

Sell where your customers want to buy

Shopping cart

Sell online

Create a website and grow your business online.


Sell in-person

Sell in-person in your stores and pop-ups.

Social media video_3

Sell on social media

Share and tag products on your social channels.

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"The only software that could accommodate all our needs in experience and rental sales. The back office is by far the easiest and most intuitive for users."

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Lasse N. | Laajis Urban Outdoors



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