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Rentle impresses Adventure park Huikee with ease-of-use and scalability

Adventure Park Huikee is an outdoor experience provider located in the small piece of Northern Paradise, Yyteri. After partnering up with us, they found Rentle to be the perfect solution for their business.

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Adventure Park Huikee opened its doors in 2017 in Yyteri, arguably one of Northern Europe’s best beaches. Yyteri beach is also part of the internationally acknowledged Natura and nature conservation area. Thanks to its unique location, Huikee can offer its visitors experiences in water, the woods, and air through its selection of ropeway adventures, fat bikes, and sup boards.

"We really value and respect the nature surrounding us and our park, which is why we want to provide our visitors with experiences in the most natural ways without disrupting the environment around us," explains Ekku Lehtonen, the executive director of Adventure Park Huikee.


Moving from manual work to an all-in-one tool

Previously Huikee handled all of their bookings and inventory with the help of email and Google Calendar. Since this method involved manual work and checking the inventory through the calendar, it became obvious that they needed help with managing their inventory. During busier times, it became extremely hard to keep up with which products were available and which were not. 

When it came to a rental management system, the criteria Huikee had were clear: they needed a clear and well-designed inventory management and booking tool. They also wanted the booking interface to be easy to use for the customers. For Huikee, it was also very important for the customers to be able to book and pay for their equipment online.

Rentle met all of our criteria and had great references from other companies that are similar to Huikee. The references really gave us the confidence that Rentle would have all the tools we needed and so we decided to give it a go.

Rentle reduces work-load by simplifying processes

Rentle has become an important tool for Huikee. During the season, Huikee receives dozens of bookings on a daily basis, and with Rentle simplifying processes, Huikee is able to manage its inventory and bookings with ease. A part of this improvement in processes is thanks to the online booking capabilities:

Because the customers are now able to check the equipment they want, choose the right size, book it and even pay in advance, they don’t have to call the store and ask for availability, which has been a huge benefit for us.


Thanks to the smooth inventory management, in case there are walk-in customers, the store personnel can now easily check the available equipment with just a few clicks of a button. Additionally, Huikee was pleased to see that Rentle works flawlessly on any device. The staff utilizes tablets when working in-store, while a large part of their customers book equipment using their mobile devices.

Rentle has been a great tool for us. In addition to being a huge help with the rental operations, I’ve especially enjoyed how sleek and simple the interface is, and how well it scales to mobile as well. 


Visit Adventure Park Huikee's official website and their rental store

Photo credit: Adventure Park Huikee

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