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Mont Adventure Equipment trusts in Rentle to grow its rental program

Mont is an independent Australian adventure equipment company committed to better outdoor gear. Mont has offered equipment rentals for a few years. About a year ago, they discovered that the demand for hire equipment started to expand rapidly and that they needed help keeping up with paper trails and a phone call booking system. Brittany, Mont's Industrial Sales Manager, is here to tell how an equipment hire program enables Mont to serve their customers better and how Rentle has helped Mont to achieve better operational efficiency.


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Canberra, Australia

Since its humble beginnings in 1981, Mont Adventure Equipment, an Australian company committed to providing quality gear for outdoor adventures, has been operating under a steadfast motto: "Trusted in the Wild." Over the past few decades, Mont has built its reputation around this core ethos, delivering reliable adventure gear that can withstand the rigors of nature. The company's journey has been marked by innovation, commitment to quality, and an unyielding passion for making the outdoors accessible to all.

One of the notable milestones in Mont's journey was introducing the ability for customers to hire equipment, enabling everyone to experience the great outdoors without bearing the high costs of equipment ownership. This business model, which aligns with Mont's commitment to accessibility and their belief in the importance of a circular economy, found its perfect match in Rentle — a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables companies to manage rentals efficiently.


Overcoming operational challenges with Rentle

About a year ago, Mont was struggling to meet the surging demand for rental equipment using just a paper-based booking system. This caused issues with inventory tracking and booking errors. "The need for a more accessible and automated system led us to Rentle," says Brittany. "Its user-friendly interface and excellent customer service made it a standout choice over other options."

The transformation was swift and significant. Rentle's features, such as blocking out unavailable dates and providing an easy-to-navigate online booking system, eliminated past confusion and inefficiencies.

Its user-friendly interface and excellent customer service made it a standout choice over other options.

Brittany, Industrial Sales Manager at Mont Adventure Equipment

Improving employee and customer experience

The adoption of Rentle's platform didn't just solve operational challenges. it has also simplified the onboarding of new employees. Brittany mentions, "Being able to teach this process to new staff has become so much easier as it can all be done online."

The impact of Rentle on Mont's business has been recognized not only internally but also by customers. Brittany shares an anecdote of a client who had an issue with a hire order earlier but was impressed later with Rentle's foolproof system, demonstrating how the right tools can transform customer experience and inspire trust in the business.


Customers can now easily place orders online, pick up the rented gear, enjoy their outdoor adventure, and then return the gear back to the store. Mont's in-house service team then assesses the equipment for damages and cleans it up, assuring that the next customer will receive well-maintained, quality equipment.

Rentle has allowed for better inventory management, order processing, and an overall streamlined process on the Mont team's end. "We no longer have to worry about where a piece of paper goes for the record of the hire," Brittany remarks, emphasizing the efficiency gains the platform has brought to their operations.

Moving forward with the right tools

Reflecting on their journey, Brittany recommends Rentle to other businesses seeking to streamline their rental operations. She highlights Rentle's ability to simplify the pick-up and return process, make inventory tracking easier, and enhance the customer experience.

Looking ahead, Mont aims to expand its hire section and maximize the life of each product through repair and maintenance services. The company’s success story is a perfect example of how technology can transform business operations and enhance customer experience.

As a final note, Brittany highlights the importance of having an easy-to-follow, well-oiled procedure is the most beneficial thing any rental business could have.

If this is done, the use of staff time is minimized, equipment stays organized, and customers stay happy and like to return to your business.

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