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Sisu Outdoor finds Rentle to be a perfect solution for their growing rental business

Sisu Outdoor opened its doors at the end of 2017, offering equipment rentals, cross-country skiing lessons and excursions throughout the year for small groups and individual tourists. 

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5 Person Team

"Sisu" is a unique word in the Finnish language, meaning perseverance and strength in something that for some may seem insane and almost hopeless to undertake. Timo and Maarit, the owners and founders of Sisu Outdoor, took inspiration from this and made it their mission to make sure their visitors get to experience Ylläs’ nature in a unique and unforgettable way.

What started out as a small business grew in size thanks to the encouragement of locals and regular customers. Over the years, their team of instructors and tour guides has grown, as well as their offering of different outdoor activities. Now, anyone can experience the magic of Ylläs through skiing, biking, camping, and pack rafting.

Our idea is to provide local, high-quality guide services and show our own favorite hidden gems of Ylläs that are outside of the marked tracks


In order to be able to offer adventures filled with ‘’sisu’’, they wanted to focus on providing activities and rental equipment that requires moving using your own muscle power, meaning no snowmobiles, huskies, or reindeer. This also opens up opportunities for excursions to the national park.

Sisu Outdoor partners up with Rentle to improve its inventory management processes and overall customer experience.


Growth demanded a rental-specific solution

Sisu’s business started off small, and in the beginning, bookings were handled via phone or email and logged into excel. During busier times, they were forced to rely on the even more traditional pen-and-paper method. As their business and offering started growing and expanding each year, it was clear that this way of running things didn’t suffice anymore. 

Because Sisu started investing in more products, they wanted something to help out with risk management and bring more structure and clarity to their inventory.

We knew that the demand for different rental products would grow significantly in the future, which is why we wanted an online sales solution that would make handling bookings easier, as well as make inventory and time management more streamlined.

Rentle provides Sisu Outdoor with the perfect tool 

For Sisu, the most important aspects in choosing a rental system were whether they would be able to accept bookings and payments online, as well as save customer information, track booking statuses, and have a clear overview of their available capacity.

Rentle fulfilled all of our needs and wishes and was able to execute and implement the requests we had. What really blew us away was the level of customer care—the team is genuinely interested in us and support is given without even asking for it.


Most importantly, the team at Sisu was impressed with Rentle’s usability.

Even the software has exceeded our expectations with its ease-of-use and clear user interface.

Rentle simplifies work and makes day-to-day easier

Rentle managed to clarify Sisu’s day-to-day operations while noticing an improvement in customer experience and significant growth in sales.

We can’t imagine running our business without Rentle—it’s an incredible sales tool which solved a lot of issues related to running rental operations.


Visit Sisu Outdoor's official website and online rental store

Photo credit: Sisu Outdoor

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