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Give a fresh start to your used products

Make a profit from the goods once sold and give them a second life. With Twice, you have a fast, easy, and secure track to sell used items online.

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How to sell used items online with Twice?

It only takes seconds to create a listing and start selling.

1. Create a listing

Provide details about the item you wish to sell, add a few images, and your listing will be ready to go live and attract potential buyers.

2. Share the listing

Promote your listing by sharing it on social media, local online communities or linking it to your website. Buyers can pay for the purchase directly from the listing page.

3. Enjoy smooth transactions

Buying and selling second-hand goods can be a hassle. Twice removes the friction in exchanging money and goods by providing professional e-commerce checkout for every seller.


Discover the value of second-hand items

Looking to declutter your home? Flipping used goods for a side gig? Perhaps you have a business aiming to monetize second-hand assets? We’ve got you covered.

Occasional sellers

Whether cleaning out your garage, downsizing your home, or simply looking to part ways with items that no longer serve you, Twice makes it easy to turn your clutter into cash.

Side hustlers

Buying and selling second-hand items can be a profitable side gig. With our appealing listing page and smooth purchasing experience, you can fetch the highest price for your items at a lower commission than on other popular second-hand marketplaces.

Businesses selling second-hand

Thrift and second-hand stores can utilize Twice to broaden their online presence without the need for a comprehensive e-commerce platform. List your items with us for an easy way to sell used goods online without any technical skills.

Turn your used items into cash.

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Maximize profits, minimize hassle

Smoother experience for buyers and sellers, driving better results and higher returns on sold items.


Lower commissions

Enjoy lower commissions compared to popular online marketplaces.

Higher sale price

If you're on a quest to maximize your profit, Twice will help you close the best deal for your used items.


No site? No problem. Create a listing with us to sell your used goods through multiple sales channels simultaneously. It's easy, it's fast and doesn't require technical skills.

Retain your privacy

No more unknown buyers sliding into your DMs as Twice handles the collecting of necessary information, communication, and payment processing. If you wish, you can sell goods entirely anonymously.


Power up with payment options 

Twice provides secure payment options for every seller, establishing trust and removing the haggling in the comments or DMs. Especially useful for sellers utilizing social media groups.

Online store-like experience

Boost your products' selling price with an online store-like shopping experience that is more appealing to your buyers.

One place to manage all your listings

Twice makes it super easy to create, share, and manage your listings across multiple marketplaces all in one place.

Some things you can easily flip for profit

Learn more about reselling products

What kind of products can I sell with Twice?

From vintage clothing to antique furniture and electronics to collectibles, Twice's platform accommodates all types of physical goods.

Is the resale business really profitable?

Absolutely! With the right approach, the resale business can be a profitable venture, often offering higher margins on unique and sought-after items.

How does Twice help with sustainability?

By facilitating the resale of used and refurbished goods, Twice promotes the circular economy, reducing waste and helping to conserve resources.

Can I integrate Twice with my existing recommerce operation?

Yes, Twice offers seamless integrations to help you expand or streamline your existing recommerce operations.

How do I determine the price of used goods?

Determining the right price point for used goods requires expertise and market research, e.g., in online marketplaces. Twice allows you to define each item at a custom pricing based on the product's condition and other factors.

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Get the best price for your used items.

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