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Elevating the Value of Any Thing

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We exist to accelerate the sustainable consumption of durable goods.



Tuomo, Toomas, and Joel, the founding team of Twice, started to validate a problem: how to make renting as smooth as selling and buying.

By the end of the year, the first MVP of Twice was built.

+40 countries

Today, merchants in over 40 countries offer their customers a choice between renting and buying.


Twice has helped businesses process over 800,000 orders worth tens of millions of dollars in sales worldwide.

We are building a world that is made to make less

The world is drowning in stuff

A fact that most consumers are becoming keenly aware of. Consumption’s new companion is guilt, and for good reasons.

Ironically many people don’t care about owning material goods the way they used to. They care about the experience. To put it simply, it’s about what you can do, not what you own.

This is large-scale cognitive dissonance and unsustainable for the people, businesses, and our planet.

We need a world that shares more. One that is made to make less.

Simplifying complexity

Today's commerce softwares are almost exclusively designed for selling ownership, not access. To grow sales via quantity, not quality.

Therefore, it is unnecessarily complicated for both consumers and businesses to discover the vast potential of outside ownership.

From ownership to access

TWICE closes the gap between supply and demand effortlessly.

Our platform empowers merchants to expand their commerce from unit sales to services, from ownership to access — while retaining full control of their customer experience.

The way they want

Give your customers what they need when they need it. Let them return it when they don’t. It’s easy, it’s smart, it’s more sustainable, and it’s simply

The way they want.

Interested in our mission?

Whether you're planning to launch a business, are looking for a career to leave your mark, or simply want to hear more about what we are doing, get in touch. We're happy to tell you more!