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Pedal Forward with All-in-One Bike Rental Software

Offer your customers a smooth bike rental journey, from the first click on your website to returning their rides.


Catering to both short-term and long-term rental models

Hourly or Daily Rentals

Provide flexible rental options for your customers' adventures, including hourly and daily bike rentals.

Bike Subscriptions

Establish bike rental programs with recurring payments. Ideal for businesses aiming to offer urban commuting solutions.

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All the essentials for bike rentals

From storefronts to store management, we've got you covered.


Rent online

Build and personalize your online bike rental store. Use our platform as your website or link your existing site to ours under a custom domain.

Make in-store reservations

Facilitate bookings manually for walk-in customers without reservation.

Send payment links

Send a pre-filled shopping cart to call-in and mail-in customers and engage them using payment links.

Get paid securely

Set up secure payments effortlessly, and watch your revenues climb with a smooth checkout experience.


Automate bike rental management

Create room for growth by automating your bike rental operations.


Products and packages

Rent out individual bikes or create customized group packages per your preference.

Manage orders and inventory in one place

Have all your orders and inventory managed — across every sales channel — in one place.

Control availability

Display bikes relevant to the season and schedule products to be available for bookings at a specified date.

Buffer times

Allocate time for bike maintenance, inspections, and cleaning between orders.

Define your delivery methods

Offer your customers impeccable service without compromising on convenience.


Book online and pick up in-store

Serve walk-in, call-in, and click-and-collect customers at your store or predefined pick-up points.


Deliver bikes to your customers

Define your delivery area and service fees, and let your customers order bikes delivered to them.


Automate handovers and returns

Use integrations to connect Rentle with smart locks and build fully automated rental stations.


Get bikes back in circulation quickly

Get bikes back in rotation swiftly, simplifying returns and inspection of returned items.


Start for free. Grow forever.


Launch your store in a few clicks and connect with your online channels. No credit card needed.


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Customize your storefronts to look like your brand, use your own domain, and sell online and offline in sync.

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We analyzed our reviews and found that customers love us for three key reasons: world-class support, ease of use, and business impact.

Discover how Twice helps Bike Garage deliver a better customer experience.


Easy Setup

It is a pleasant experience. I was integrating it into my we...

Duke B.

GM, Information Technology and Services

Great system very user friendly

Very positive. Great support from your staff. Easy to update...

Tina O.

Business Owner, Sporting Goods

Simple to setup but still feature rich

I was able to set up my store and start renting online in le...

Steve B.

Small Business Owner

Twice, very good tool to manage my kayak renting activity

I'm glad I found Twice to manage my business! The interface ...

Valentin L.

CEO, Sports

Revolutionary for rental and activities business model

Superb support and reaction time for problems. I have never ...

Lasse N.

Managing Director, Consumer Services

The ideal platform for your rental service!

Overall, Twice is an excellent platform for any rental busin...

Jose Luis E.

Bike Shop Owner

Very User Friendly

Twice is very user-friendly, especially for someone who is n...

Megan P.

Small Business Owner

Renting with confidence

Due to the nature of the business, Twice gives me more confi...

Rafael F.

Small Business Owner

Launching Decathlon Rentals in the UK

I think that usually you can just buy a software product and...

Sharon P.

Commercial Manager, Decathlon UK

Launching equipment rentals in 40 department stores

Basically after a 30-minute training and a handful of real-l...

Toni S.

CEO, Broman Group

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How do I start renting bikes online?

In order to start renting bikes online, it is essential to have a website that is optimized for online bookings. Fortunately, bike rental management software like Twice simplifies this process and makes it incredibly easy.

With Twice, you can effortlessly add the products and services you wish to rent and sell on your website. Additionally, you can determine the quantities of each item using Twice's inventory management system. This ensures that your availability is always up to date, preventing any issues of overbooking. Moreover, you can set up various payment options, allowing your customers to conveniently book and pay for their rentals in advance.

Once you have completed the setup process, you have the flexibility of either embedding Twice into your existing website or using it as a standalone website. This versatility allows you to seamlessly integrate Twice into your rental business operations.

How does renting bikes work?

Bicycle rental companies typically maintain a diverse fleet of bicycles that they offer for rent to customers for various durations. Each company has its unique rental process, pricing model, and approach to making the service accessible to customers. The inclusion of additional services like guided tours significantly impacts the overall functioning of the operation. Twice is designed to cater to the most common requirements of a bike rental store.

How do I start a bike rental business?

If you're considering starting a bike rental business, you're in luck. The cycling tourism market is experiencing rapid growth, making it a lucrative opportunity. However, it's essential to approach it with careful planning, preparation, and the establishment of efficient processes.

First and foremost, you'll need to create a comprehensive business plan. This plan should encompass a detailed description of your business, a thorough analysis of the market and competitors, a financial plan, and a well-crafted marketing strategy.

Additionally, it's crucial to consider how you'll manage various aspects of your rental shop, including inventory, order processing, and bike maintenance on-site.

Is a bike rental business profitable?

A bike rental business has the potential to be highly profitable, with the opportunity for substantial profit margins. However, like any business, profitability depends on the income and expenditure structure. It is essential to consider that cycling is a seasonal activity in many countries, which should be considered when assessing your business's profit potential.

The income of your bike rental business is primarily determined by the demand for bike rental services in your area. Location plays a significant role in ensuring demand. The most important expenses include inventory, business space, insurance, and staff salaries.

Do I need bike rental software?

We highly advise incorporating bike rental software into your business right from the beginning. Using bike rental software allows you to efficiently manage all aspects of your business in a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple applications. A comprehensive bike rental system offers a clear and thorough overview of your business, enabling you to control your rental operations precisely.

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