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Sell what your customers want

Create a product catalog to match the way your customers want to buy or rent.


Expand your revenue streams

Why stick with one business model when you can have them all?


Sell subscriptions to your products and turn unit sales into recurring revenue.

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Rent your products on a one-off basis for a short period of time.

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Sales & Resales

Sell products once and twice and more during their life cycle.

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Buyback & trade-in

Implement a buyback or trade-in program to engage your customers in restocking your inventory.

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Show your products at their best


Create an online store

Bring your brand online with a website and turn it into a storefront with powerful commerce tools and highly converting checkout.

Organize catalog

Create collections relevant to the current season and organize products into categories helping your customers find what they are looking for.

Make products pop

Make your products more desirable with beautiful product images and describe key features in product descriptions.

Power your storefronts


Add new products in a few clicks

You can add new products to your catalog and make them available in your sales channels right away or on a scheduled date.

Have complete control over stock levels

Keep track of your stock levels in real-time. With automated inventory management and scheduling, you don’t need to worry about overselling. 

Recognize best sellers

Use sales reports to find out your most profitable products and use the information to optimize your product line.


Create product variations

Use product variants to define your products in more detail and help your customers pick the most suitable version for their needs.

Bundle products and services together

Combine your products and services into packages any way you and your customers want.

Automate upselling

Grow your sales with automated product recommendations.

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