Published on Apr 21, 2023

Introducing Rentle solution provider program

Introducing the Rentle solution provider program, a strategic partnership designed to help businesses excel in the circular commerce (also known as reCommerce, which includes rentals, subscriptions, leasing, buyback and resale) space. In this article, we'll explore the concept of solution provider programs, their benefits, and how Rentle's program empowers partners to provide exceptional service to their clients. Discover how joining the Rentle solution provider program can elevate your business, expand your service offerings, and help you thrive in the growing rental market.


Solution provider programs in a nutshell

Solution provider programs are partnerships between commerce platforms and specialized service providers to deliver a seamless experience to their customers. These programs enable businesses to leverage the expertise and resources of their solution partners to achieve better results and accelerate growth. The partnerships are built on a foundation of trust, with solution providers owning the customer relationship and being responsible for billing and serving their customers.

Rentle solution provider program in a nutshell

Rentle has introduced its solution provider program to help businesses get the most out of its rental commerce platform. This program is designed for partners who want to offer Rentle as part of their related services and/or products.

As a Rentle solution provider, you own the customer relationship completely, including billing, account management and optionally customer support.

Who are the right fit for the Rentle solution provider program?

The Rentle solution provider program is designed for partners who want to add value to their existing services and help businesses succeed in the circular commerce space. Three types of partners that are particularly well-suited for the program are:


Distributors, who resell and manage Rentle stores for their clients. They act as account managers, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for their customers. By becoming a Rentle solution provider partner, distributors can offer their clients the benefits of the Rentle circular commerce platform, while also providing a personalized and efficient account management service.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) resell and manage Rentle stores for their clients, offering support and additional services to enhance the overall customer experience. These optional added services can include other software, extensions, or hardware tailored to the specific needs of the rental, subscription or leasing store, such as e-bikes or other equipment. As a Rentle solution provider partner, MSPs can further expand their portfolio and offer comprehensive circular commerce solutions to their clients.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are another ideal fit for the Rentle Solution Provider Program. OEMs produce and supply equipment that is often resold or utilized by other businesses. By partnering with Rentle, OEMs can provide their current and future resellers with a comprehensive solution that includes not only their equipment but also a powerful commerce platform to support various business models such as sales, rentals, subscriptions, and leasing.

In summary, distributors, MSPs and OEMs can greatly benefit from joining the Rentle solution provider program, as it provides an opportunity to diversify their offerings, reach new customers, and grow their businesses in the competitive circular commerce market.

The key benefits of becoming a Rentle solution provider partner.

Discounted Rentle licenses

As a Rentle solution provider partner, you will have the exclusive right to purchase Rentle licenses at a discounted rate, up to 60% off. This allows you to sell your services at a competitive price, while basically earning a commission on Rentle license sold to your customer above the discounted price.

Flexible service offering

Rentle solution provider partners are free to sell their services as they wish, allowing for greater flexibility and customization in meeting the unique needs of their clients. This way, you can tailor your offering to provide the best value and support for your customers.

Featured as a Rentle Expert

By joining the Rentle solution provider program, you will have the opportunity to be featured as a "Rentle Expert" on the Find a Rentle Expert -page. This platform connects Rentle's current and prospective customers with solution provider partners who can help them launch and run their circular businesses, which can be for example fully automated "cold" rental stores (Rentle's partner Click&Share). This visibility can lead to increased business and growth for your company.

rentle-experts (1)

Screenshot of the Rentle Experts -page

No commissions on referrals

Rentle does not take any commissions from referrals made to solution provider partners through Rentle Experts listing. Instead, any inquiries from Rentle's prospective customers are directed to the solution provider's website. This allows you to keep the full value of any potential leads and customers.

Comprehensive training and support

To ensure the success of Rentle solution provider partners, the program includes training, a dedicated partner manager, and access to helpful materials. This support enables you to quickly learn the ins and outs of Rentle and effectively serve your customers.

In summary, Rentle's solution provider program offers numerous benefits for partners looking to expand their service offerings and help businesses succeed in the circular commerce space. By providing discounted licenses, flexibility in service offerings, increased visibility as a Rentle Expert, and comprehensive training and support, Rentle empowers its solution provider partners to thrive in the growing rental market.

Article written by Karri

Karri is the partnerships lead @Rentle

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