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Partner with Rentle

Grow your business with new revenue streams, commissions and referrals by partnering with Rentle, the #1 circular commerce platform

Rentle partners

Affiliate partners

Promote Twice to your audience and network. Learn more.

Agency partners

Get more clients through us and refer your clients to Twice. Learn more.

Solution providers

Resell and manage Twice to your clients. Learn more.

Why Twice exists?

The world is drowning in stuff. A fact most consumers are aware of. This is reflected on the changing consumption habits, as consumers are more and more interested to buy access, experiences and convenience, rather than ownership.

At Rentle, our mission is to drive the sustainable consumption of durable goods. As a Rentle partner, you can be part of this movement and accelerate it, while growing your business.


Why partner with Twice?

Rentle is enabling circular business models, like rentals, subscriptions and buybacks for over 30,000 happy merchants.

With Twice, you can grow your business by

  • Enabling new entrepreneurs start recommerce businesses
  • Helping existing recommerce businesses grow their online and in-store businesses
  • Enabling linear retails expand into circular and sustainable recommerce business models.

If you are ready to grow your business through referrals, new revenue streams, or new service offerings, Twice is your ideal partner!


Affiliate program

If you are an influencer or an affiliate marketer, you can feel good promoting Rentle, while earning generous commission on each referral.

There are no sign-up fees, no minimum sales requirements and no earnings cap!

You are not only growing your business, but helping the world to enjoy more and consume less!

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Agency program

If you are offering web development, design, consultancy, strategy, or other project based services, you can benefit from partnering with Twice in two ways.

By joining our Agency Program, you can also apply to be listed as a Twice Expert and get new customers for your business through our Find a Twice Expert directory.

As an agency partner, you will also earn 20% lifetime recurring commission for each customer you refer to Twice.

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Solution providers

If you offer solutions and services to your clients through ongoing relationships, you can expand your portfolio to cover emerging circular and sustainable recommerce business models by reselling Rentle as a standalone solution or embedded into your solution.

As a Rentle solution provider, you own the customer relationship completely, from sales and marketing to billing and account management, and earn industry leading compensation.

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Not finding what you are looking for?

If you have something else (for example technology, marketing, distribution etc. partnerships) in mind, you can reach our partnerships team at partners@twicecommerce.com.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any unanswered questions, you can reach us at partners@twicecommerce.com.

What is the difference between affiliate, agency and solution provider partners?

Affiliate partners promote Twice to their audience, who they usually don't offer any services and or even know who they are. Affiliate partners are for example bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters.

Agency partners serve their clients through projects, which can be for example implementation, migration or design projects. They refer their clients for purchase directly from Twice (or buy on their behalf, but the client manages their Twice account going forward).

Service providers serve their clients on ongoing bases. The service provider owns the customer relationship completely, from marketing and sales to billing and support. Service providers can offer Rentle as a standalone solution, or as part of their other solutions and services.

How does the compensation / commission differ between the programs?

Affiliate partners receive on-time commission of $100 for each customer they refer.

Agency partners receive 20% recurring commission for each customer they refer.

Service providers receive own the customer relationship and receive discounts on Rentle plans and remit revenue share to Rentle. Your "cut" is 60% of the Rentle subscription revenue.