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Welcoming Henry Beniard from Wolt as Twice’s new Chief Operating Officer

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Life at Twice has recently been getting especially exciting as our teams have grown and continue to do so. In honor of this, we decided to start a new series where we introduce the people who make Twice. For our first story, we are excited to introduce and warmly welcome one of our newest team members: Henry Beniard.

Henry has seen it all: from small consultancy start-ups, building teams in Seoul, and running a  business in Dubai. For his latest adventure, however, back home in Helsinki, Henry was in charge of Wolt’s global merchant operations. 

During his time at Wolt, he and his team helped scale and automate merchant acquisition and onboarding activities globally. Henry experienced first-hand how Wolt went from being a 500-person start-up to a 5000-person company, with some 50,000 restaurateurs offering deliveries all around the world. 

It's an understatement to say that the previous couple of years were eventful at Wolt. In March of 2020, when COVID-19 hit, Henry had to coordinate moving some 150 restaurant team members across markets to working from home and defining how to run the entire operation remotely. Skipping to 2021, Wolt was acquired by Doordash, making Wolt, at the time, the second-largest acquisition in Finnish business history. 

Experiencing hyper-growth at this scale is really exciting but, as a result of the growth, you find yourself very quickly in a very big company. I missed building something from scratch and knew I could take what I've learned and have a big impact in an early-stage startup.

Revolutionizing global commerce

Henry will be leading Twice’s growth and expansion as the new COO. What caught his interest was Twice’s high growth ambition, a proven product that merchants love, and what makes Twice what it is: the people.

It’s nice to be part of a small ambitious team again, where everyone is laser-focused on what really matters: growth. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles and everyone works towards creating the best product for the merchants.

While obvious growth and world domination are the main missions in Henry’s work, sustainability also played a large role in Henry’s choice to join Twice.  

I love that we have a net positive business model - the bigger we grow as a business, the less excess manufacturing happens on the planet. It’s nice to know that you’re building a business that’s working towards making the world a little bit better.

What future looks like for Twice & Henry

With Twice being in a scale-up phase and having a proven product and, clearly, the trust of investors, it’s now going to be all about maximizing growth and perfecting the product. At the end of the day, my goal is to make sure that Twice becomes a well-oiled machine that can grow into a world-class company.

We are thrilled to have Henry on board and leading Twice's global takeover.

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