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Rentle raises pre-seed round of 250,000€

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Rentle has raised 250.000€ as part of a pre-seed investment round. The investors consist of reputable Finnish family offices and business angels. Other earlier funders also include Business Finland. The funding allows hiring key personnel to product development and sales.

Rentle builds software for consumer rental businesses to help these companies to streamline day-to-day work and improve customer experience thoroughly. Rentle's platform comprehensively takes care of the rental shop's operations including inventory management, order fulfillment, rental contracts, payments, and multi-channel sales.

“The problem in the market is that the current processes and solution to run a rental company, demand too much of manual work. Currently companies may use 4-5 different solutions, but still, the process is far from optimal and profit margins are low. The reason is that most of these services are designed for sales, not for the renting.” - Tuomo Laine (Co-Founder and CEO of Rentle)

Rentle is on a mission to accelerate sustainable consumption of durable goods. On a daily level, it means the company focuses on solving the unique challenges in managing a rental business and encouraging new entrepreneurs to start their companies around more sustainable business models. 

The first step is to build tools that enable our clients to automate manual tasks, enable frictionless online sales, and get data-driven insights. This will have a direct positive effect on sales and profitability of our clients.

As the rental shops have more visibility into their own processes, they’ll be able to serve consumers better. And as everyone in the rental industry knows - happier customers mean loyal customers, who are the backbone of any successful business.

Previously, Rentle has successfully piloted the solution with Laajis, SkiMac, Ylläs Y1, Lapland Safaris and a number of other progressive rental companies. During 2019, Rentle continues the piloting and launches the product with the first selected group of customers.

Do you run a rental business?

If you wish to join the first customers or pilot Rentle at your rental shop, feel free to contact us via the contact details below.

Are you an investor or media?

If you would like to hear more about the investment round, contact Tuomo Laine, the CEO of Rentle, via email or phone.

Tuomo Laine,

Co-Founder and CEO

+358 41 505 8391



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