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Product update: Multiple product images, custom payment options, and more

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During the past month, we made the online store product pages better with the image carousel, brought more flexibility to the checkout with custom payment options, and improved the performance when fulfilling orders with many (10+) people.

Let's look at what is new in Twice and what has been improved!

What's new

Multiple product images

You can now add multiple product images to your online store to enrich the product page content, tell more about your products, and improve conversion rates.

Read the instructions on our help center →

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Custom payment options

Sometimes your customers might want to pay using other payment methods than online payment, for example, a bank transfer or an invoice. You can add these options to your online store's checkout by using the Custom Payments add-on.

The Custom Payments add-on allows you to create different payment options that will happen outside of Twice. For example, pay-on-pickup, bank transfer, voucher, or an invoice. As Twice does not process the payments, you won't be charged transaction fees for using the Custom Payments.

Read more on our help center →

Improvements & Fixes

Inventory import

Inventory import is a powerful tool to add and update many articles and SKUs at once. It is easy to move your existing inventory to Twice or do mass edit actions to your articles with inventory import.

To use inventory import:

  • Select Inventory from the main navigation

  • Click Import from the right side of your Inventory Articles table toolbar

  • Upload your CSV file

  • Review and confirm that the import is correct, and click Confirm import

  • Your inventory will be automatically updated with the added and updated inventory articles, SKUs, and Specifications from the import

Learn more in our help center →

Performance improvements to the single booking view

We have made fixes to the single booking view in admin, so it would be more performant when a booking includes many (10+) persons. Moreover, we shipped a fix to the performance issues that a few customers have reported when updating the same booking from multiple workstations simultaneously.

Fixes and smaller improvements

  • Cancellation policy terms can now also be displayed in days & weeks, along with hours

  • Improved online store multi-image carousel responsiveness

  • Fixes to SKIDATA keycard order failures

  • Use SKIDATA lift ticket validity to disable calendar dates in Twice

As always, for more information on the new improvements and updates, visit our help center at In case you have any additional questions regarding the updates or upgrading your Lite account, don't hesitate to message us on the chat or email us at


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