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Product update: Tekso POS integration and new product sharing options

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As we're approaching the winter season, we have some exciting product updates which were deployed in the past month. The updates are designed to support and make work for the shop's staff easier and more time-saving, providing a more efficient way to handle bookings. Let's see what's in store, shall we?

Tekso POS integration

Twice now offers an integration to the Tekso POS system. It means that Twice automatically sends order details to Tekso POS, and once they are paid, the orders’ payment statuses will be automatically updated in Twice. We’ll continue adding integrations to more POS systems.

Tekso is one of the major point-of-sale systems used in the Nordics, providing functionalities required especially by fashion and hardware shops, other specialty shops, and retail.

If you would like to get your POS system to the list, please be in touch to us.

Single product sharing and embedding options

This month we also introduced a ‘’share’’ option in the product settings. This allows the admin to share individual products either as direct links to the product’s booking page or as a snippet that can be embedded into the website. 

This enables quick customer service from the shop when receiving product inquiries via phone, email, or any other channel. Links can be directly sent to the customer where they can fill in all needed information and finalize the booking on their own, saving the staff time and making their job more efficient. 

Being able to embed individual products to the website adds flexibility to how you want to integrate your online store into your website: you can choose whether you want to showcase your whole offering on a single page or create product-specific landing pages. The way to proceed is up to you.


Other updates 

  • Location-specific contact info: you can now add unique contact information to each of your locations. 

  • The admin side now remembers the new rental view’s duration and location even when switching between tabs and views. 

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