Twice 2021 Wrapped

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The year is coming to an end, and boy has it been a ride! Before we get into the fun stuff, a big thank you to the entire Twice team. The whole world has been in a whirlwind the last year, but the team pulled through and made some incredible things happen — and we have a bunch of customer stories to prove that

Now, let’s take a step back and look at 2021! 

Product Development Highlights

Looking back at the year 2021, we brought a lot of new features and improvements to Twice. Our product development team gathered some of their favorite updates and changes - let’s take a look! 

We started the year by introducing a completely redesigned online store for our merchants. With the online store update, we also brought more advanced analytics support to the merchants by providing enhanced ecommerce reporting via Google Analytics. We also added more supported payment methods, one being the highly requested Stripe payments integration.

From the store management side, one of the big additions was adding user roles and permissions support to allow stores to define more granular access levels for their store users. We also made many improvements to existing functionalities, such as adding support for excluding taxes from prices and completely redesigning the store translations page.

One of the big feature launches for the year was delivery. This enabled stores to use Twice to to sell a delivery with the booking and manage all the delivery orders with Twice. This allows stores to manage their current delivery process with Twice, or extend their current offering and start supporting deliveries to the users.

We would love to hear what has been your favorite update & what you’re looking forward to seeing. 

The future of retail

One of the most notable achievements of 2021 for us was partnering with large retailers like Scandinavian Outdoor, Motonet, and Decathlon UK. Becoming fully operational in all 39 Motonet locations within 6 weeks and helping the world’s largest international sports retailer move towards more sustainable commerce is an impressive achievement from our team in and of itself, but we’re more excited about the bigger picture. 

The world is rapidly changing, and so are the ways that people prefer to consume goods and services. In addition to playing a part in accelerating sustainable commerce, retailers are able to reach and connect with an entirely different audience, provide better accessibility to products and services, and overall just serve their needs better without the need to commit to a (possibly pricey) purchase decision. 

Here are Sharon Poulter’s, the Commercial Manager and Lead of Rentals in Decathlon UK Sustainability Team, thoughts on the matter:

The best part with rentals is, in addition to being able to open doors for everyone to try out new sports, you can do so without having to commit to one thing - one day you might want to go cycling, another day you might want to play racket sports, I really think we could be the change in how people get to be more active and how they’re able to access more activities and sports.

Instead of fighting this change towards a more access-based consumption model, we’re happy to see more and more retailers embracing the change. Toni Stigzelius, Motonet’s CEO, said it well: 

Rather than being a bystander and watching the development from the side, it is probably a better idea to be a part of the growing trend and make the equipment rental business a competitor for your own retail business.

The future of retail is already here, and we’re excited to be in the frontier leading and helping to achieve growth, and more importantly, a more sustainable way of consuming and enjoying goods. 

Fun Facts


  • There are Twice shops now in over 110 countries all over the world. 

  • Since Twice started, we've rented more than 104,000 helmets - which would be more than enough to provide every moose in Finland with one. 

  • Since Twice started, we've rented nearly 200,000 skis and snowboards - which means we are close to having rented enough snowboards and skis to put all reindeer of Finland down the slope.

We want to thank everyone for the past year and wish you all a Happy New Year! Our team has some exciting things planned for 2022 — so keep your eyes peeled, and see you next year. 🎉 


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