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Streamlining Your Selling and Buying Experience with Twice Assistant

Key Features:

AI-Powered Listings: Just snap a photo of your item, and let our AI Assistant handle the rest. From crafting your listing to managing the finer details, selling has never been simpler.

Social Integration: Amplify your reach by sharing your listings across any social platform that supports link posting. Connect with a broader audience effortlessly.

Efficient Communication: Engage in meaningful conversations with potential buyers. Our AI sifts through messages, filtering out spam to ensure your interactions are substantial.

Personal Seller Bio: Consolidate your presence across platforms with a comprehensive bio. It's not just about showcasing your items; it's about building trust, turning followers into loyal customers.

Zero Commission: Your bio, your audience, your reputation – they're all yours. We don't take a cut from your sales on Twice. Sell within trusted communities and enjoy the full financial benefits of your transactions.

Intuitive Product Search: On the hunt for something specific? A quick photo is all it takes for Twice Assistant to search multiple marketplaces for matches. Uncertain about what you want? Share images or descriptions, and let us curate a selection that resonates with your tastes.

Twice Assistant is an indispensable tool for both avid and occasional sellers and buyers, offering a seamless, integrated experience that transforms the marketplace. Join us and elevate your selling and buying journey today.

What does it cost to use Twice Assistant?

Without the AI Assistant, Twice is free to use.

For those who want to experience the full benefits and most advanced AI-powered features, Twice offers three monthly recurring plans.



Ideal for sellers seeking a cost-free solution to enhance their seller reliability and consolidate their marketplace presence with a free Seller Bio.

✓  0% Commission: Keep all your earnings.

✓ Unlimited Listings: Create as many listings as you like without AI Assistance.

✓ Shareable Seller Bio: Craft a compelling bio that's easily shareable.

+ 100 Credits /month to be used for the AI Assistant.


SUPPORTER ($.99/month)

Designed for sellers and buyers who sell or buy stuff a few times a week and want to speed up their efforts with the help of AI.

Everything in Free, and…

+ 1,000 Credits /month to be used for the AI Assistant.


✨ BOOSTER ($3.96/month)

Best for power sellers and buyers who sell or look for stuff to buy on a daily basis and want to speed up their efforts with the help of AI.

Everything in Supporter, and…

+ 4,500 Credits /month to be used for the AI Assistant.


In addition to the monthly recurring subscriptions, you can top up your credit quota anytime.

750 Credits — $0.99

3,500 Credits — $3.99

10,000 Credits — $9.99

What are Credits, what are they used for, and how do they work?

Credits, or Stardust, as we call them, are the internal currency you need to be able to use Twice's AI features.

1,000 Stardust equals approximately 20 AI-assisted actions, i.e., listing creations or product searches.

Each AI-assisted action you do in Twice consumes your Stardust balance.

You can earn Stardust by:

1) Buying more of it
2) Referring Twice to others
3) Waiting for the monthly top-up according to your plan

You can see the prices of Stardust above.

How do I sell stuff using Twice?
1. Hassle-Free Listing Creation:

Say goodbye to tedious form-filling. With Twice, listing your item is as easy as snapping an image. Our Assistant intelligently gathers necessary details, ensuring a smooth and swift listing creation.

2. Enhanced Visibility Through Social Integration:

Your Seller Bio isn't just a profile; it's your personal storefront. A place that connects your social media bios and seller profiles to seamlessly integrate your online commerce presence. Boost your item's exposure by sharing your listing across various social platforms and community groups. Whether it's WhatsApp, Facebook groups, or local community forums, Twice is designed to amplify your reach.

3. Direct and Personalized Communication:

When a buyer takes an interest in your item showcased on your Seller Bio, they'll get in touch directly through Twice's chat feature. This offers a straightforward, personal way to discuss and settle details like payment and delivery. Our AI Assistant is ready to help with communication, but you're in full control, ensuring a personalized and direct transaction.

Here's the twist: if your item is listed directly on Twice, you can manage the entire deal within our chat. But if your listing is a link to another marketplace, like eBay, buyers can simply click through to view and purchase it there. With Twice, you get the flexibility to connect and conduct transactions seamlessly, whether it's within our platform or linking out to another.


In essence, Twice isn't just another marketplace; it's a platform that understands the value of your time, your social connectivity, and your need for direct, personal interactions in the digital selling space.

Is shopping also possible through Twice?

Indeed! Twice extends its convenience beyond selling to offer a seamless buying experience. Just upload a picture of the product you're eyeing, and let our intelligent assistant embark on a comprehensive search. It meticulously scours various platforms, going beyond Twice's own listings, to pinpoint what you're seeking. Rest at ease knowing that you'll be promptly notified as soon as we discover an item that matches your preferences. With Twice, shopping is not just easy; it's smart and tailored to your needs.

How does Twice enhance my sales on marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, or Facebook Marketplace?

Twice elevates your online selling experience by harmoniously integrating with your established sales channels. It's not about replacing other platforms, but helping you get even more out of them. 

  1. Unified Seller Bio: Establish a comprehensive Seller Bio on Twice, consolidating your online presence. This single, cohesive profile showcases your items across platforms, enhancing trust and making it easier for buyers to explore all you have to offer without jumping between services before the decision to buy.

  2. Zero Commission on Direct Sales: For sales made directly through Twice, enjoy the benefit of zero commission. We believe in maximizing your profits for direct transactions where additional facilitation isn’t required, making selling more rewarding. 

Twice is crafted to enrich, not rival, your current platforms, offering a streamlined and profitable enhancement to your online selling strategy.

Recognizing the value of marketplaces like eBay for selling to the general public, Twice focuses on empowering you to quickly create and share listings with a photo for your followers or trusted communities, making the process remarkably swift and simple. Embrace the simplicity and efficacy of Twice, where selling is not just a transaction, but a seamless part of your digital lifestyle.

Does this work if I don't have a large follower base? How do people find the stuff I'm selling?

Even if you don't have a large follower base, Twice is designed to work for you:

Easy Sharing: You don't need a huge following when you can share your Twice listing link on any kind of group or channel—like local community boards, university groups, or niche forums where potential buyers hang out.

Personal Seller Bio: Your Seller Bio can be shared and linked to your social media bios to attract more followers over time, allowing you to grow your presence organically.

Qualified Buyers: Our Assistant helps you direct your listing to interested parties, ensuring you're connecting with people specifically looking for what you’re selling.

Search-Optimized Listings: Twice Assistant ensures your listings are tagged and categorized to show up in relevant searches, increasing your item's visibility across the network.

So, regardless of the size of your audience, you can effectively reach buyers and make sales. Every hustle starts with the first sale, and every first sale starts from a single image of a product!

How can I start using the Beta?

Sign-up via the links and forms on this page, and you should be good to go!

We are batching the people we invite, to make sure everyone gets great experience when joining. If you are stuck on the queue, feel free to shoot us a message in Instagram, TikTok or directly to and let's see what we can do. ✌️

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By signing in or signing up, you accept our Terms of Service and consent to the processing of your information for service development and analytics. Learn more in our Privacy Policy.