Storage Rental Software that saves your headspace

Offer your customers easy storage solutions, from the first click on your website to returning their keys.


Flexible storage rental options

Accommodate the diverse needs of your customers.

Fixed-term rentals

Provide fixed rental options for your customers when they have a temporary need for extra storage space.

Recurring rentals

Offer recurring rentals for customers who need storage space for an indefinite period.

All the essentials for storage unit rentals

From storefronts to storage facility management, we've got you covered.


Accept online bookings

Add an online booking option to your website. Use our platform as your website, link from your existing site, or use embeddable widgets.

Lease storage units in person

You can manually process orders for customers who visit in person, using the up-to-date availability information at your fingertips.

Fully integrated online payments

Set up secure payments effortlessly, and watch your revenues climb with a smooth checkout experience.

Customer App

Empower customers to extend or cancel their storage lease effortlessly through a user-friendly customer application.

Automate self-storage management

Create room for growth by using self-storage management software.


See available storage units in real-time

Get the complete overview of your available storage units, move-ins, and move-outs within seconds.

Access customer records effortlessly

Enhance your customer communications with instant access to customer data.

Flexible pricing tools

Create pricing structures based on dynamic rules and charge one-time fees for merchandise and additional services.

Capture security deposits

Cover your business from late payments, lost keys, and other potential risks with security deposits.

Local support globally

Completely localized setup for your self-storage company.


Available in 6+12 languages

Our self-storage software is available in six languages. Storefronts support translation for an additional twelve languages.


Local currencies and tax rates

Choose your currency, define your local tax rates, and start doing business wherever you're located.


From one storage facility to many

Manage all your storage facilities in one place and easily add new ones as your business grows.


Use on any device

Access all the relevant tools and information anywhere and anytime.


Start for free. Grow forever.


Launch your storage business in a few clicks and connect with your online channels. No credit card needed.


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Paid plans

Customize your storefronts to look like your brand, integrate with your other tools, and sell online and offline in sync.

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We analyzed our reviews and found that customers love us for three key reasons: world-class support, ease of use, and business impact.

Easy Setup

It is a pleasant experience. I was integrating it into my we...

Duke B.

GM, Information Technology and Services

Great system very user friendly

Very positive. Great support from your staff. Easy to update...

Tina O.

Business Owner, Sporting Goods

Simple to setup but still feature rich

I was able to set up my store and start renting online in le...

Steve B.

Small Business Owner

Twice, very good tool to manage my kayak renting activity

I'm glad I found Twice to manage my business! The interface ...

Valentin L.

CEO, Sports

Revolutionary for rental and activities business model

Superb support and reaction time for problems. I have never ...

Lasse N.

Managing Director, Consumer Services

The ideal platform for your rental service!

Overall, Twice is an excellent platform for any rental busin...

Jose Luis E.

Bike Shop Owner

Very User Friendly

Twice is very user-friendly, especially for someone who is n...

Megan P.

Small Business Owner

Renting with confidence

Due to the nature of the business, Twice gives me more confi...

Rafael F.

Small Business Owner

Launching Decathlon Rentals in the UK

I think that usually you can just buy a software product and...

Sharon P.

Commercial Manager, Decathlon UK

Launching equipment rentals in 40 department stores

Basically after a 30-minute training and a handful of real-l...

Toni S.

CEO, Broman Group

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How does renting storage units work?

The storage rental business operates on a relatively straightforward model, centered around providing storage space to individuals or businesses in exchange for rental fees.

How profitable is self-storage business?

The profitability of a self-storage business can vary significantly based on several factors, including location, demand, management efficiency, and market conditions. However, the self-storage industry is generally considered to be a lucrative sector for several reasons, including low overhead costs, steady demand, and scalability, among other factors. Note that as interest rates rise, self-storage operators financed with debt capital can suffer from significantly higher interest costs, which eat into the profit margin.

How to start a storage business?

Starting a storage business involves several key steps and requires careful planning and execution. But everything starts with creating a business plan, including a detailed description of the market and competitors, your financial projections, and operational plans.

Once you have a plan, you can start designing and constructing your facility. Other things to consider include legal things, security matters, and acquiring customers.

How do I set up a storage online booking system?

Setting up an online booking system for a storage business can greatly enhance your operations, making it more efficient and customer-friendly. Look for software providers that specialize in storage facility management and online booking systems, and ensure the system can handle the various aspects of your business, like reservations, cancellations, payments, and customer communication.

The booking system should be seamlessly integrated into your business website. It should match your branding and be easy for customers to find and use. If you don’t have a website yet, you might choose a software provider that offers website integration as part of their package.

How to automate self-storage business?

Automating business operations can provide significant benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced operating expenses, and improved customer satisfaction. There are many ways in which self-storage facilities can automate their operations.

Starting from bookings and payments, consider implementing a comprehensive system that allows customers to reserve, rent, and manage their storage units remotely. Additionally, implementing automatic billing cycles for customers can save time spent on sending monthly invoices manually.

You can also automate several areas at your premises. Digital access control, climate control automation, and monitoring systems can help you save time and cut overhead costs related to property maintenance.

You can use webhooks and API to connect our software to your other systems.

Can I rent also equipment with your self-storage software?

Yes, you can and actually should! As a self-storage company, you can certainly expand your business model to include equipment rental. This can be a strategic move to diversify your revenue streams and provide additional value to your customers.

You can use our software to rent out all sorts of equipment and vehicles your customers might need, e.g., moving boxes, car trailers, vans, etc.

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