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Like the iconic design classics, Twice Furniture Rental Software is simple and elegant while offering the functionality a rental business needs.

The essentials for furniture rentals

Sales channels

Rent and sell online, in your store, and basically wherever your customers are. With Twice, you get a ready-made e-commerce website and sales tools for your store.

Product catalog

Create products you want to sell and rent to your customers. You can add furniture for rent, merchandise for sale, and offer additional services. Flexible.

Inventory management

Build your own processes to keep all your items in an order, track their usage, and prevent overbooking.


Accept payments easily with Twice Payments. We support credit card payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other local payment methods depending on your country.

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Customers Love Twice

We analyzed our reviews and found that customers love us for three key reasons: world-class support, ease of use, and business impact.

Easy Setup

It is a pleasant experience. I was integrating it into my website and had a very good customer support experience. The Free version has a lo...

Duke B.

GM, Information Technology and Services

Great system very user friendly

Very positive. Great support from your staff. Easy to update information. Great service.

Tina O.

Business Owner, Sporting Goods

Simple to setup but still feature rich

I was able to set up my store and start renting online in less than 30 minutes. The dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use. I've been u...

Steve B.

Small Business Owner

Twice, very good tool to manage my kayak renting activity

I'm glad I found Twice to manage my business! The interface is very nice, both on the user side and the administrator side. I recommend this...

Valentin L.

CEO, Sports

Revolutionary for rental and activities business model

Superb support and reaction time for problems. I have never experienced such a great attitude towards users from support people.

Lasse N.

Managing Director, Consumer Services

The ideal platform for your rental service!

Overall, Twice is an excellent platform for any rental businesses looking to improve their operations and increase revenue. With its user-fr...

Jose Luis E.

Bike Shop Owner

Very User Friendly

Twice is very user-friendly, especially for someone who is new to rental management software. We also love that it allows a customer to buy,...

Megan P.

Small Business Owner

Renting with confidence

Due to the nature of the business, Twice gives me more confidence in renting my equipment more than other websites around. All the necess fe...

Rafael F.

Small Business Owner

Launching Decathlon Rentals in the UK

I think that usually you can just buy a software product and integrate it to your operations and be done with it when in this case I feel li...

Sharon P.

Commercial Manager, Decathlon UK

Launching equipment rentals in 40 department stores

Basically after a 30-minute training and a handful of real-life rental situations our employees have learned the new processes and how to us...

Toni S.

CEO, Broman Group

Learn more about renting furniture

What is a furniture rental?

Renting furniture is an alternative to buying. When a consumer rents her furniture, she gets access to it for a fixed-term or indefinite period. Depending on the length and model of the contract, the customer pays either a one-off or a recurring monthly fee. At the end of the contract, the customer returns the rented furniture or buys them for herself (rent-to-buy).

How do furniture rental companies work?

Essentially, furniture rental companies have all sorts of home furnishing in their inventory that they rent out to their customers for different durations. The most common models in the furniture rental industry are one-off rentals, rent-to-buy, and recurring rentals (subscriptions). Every company has its own rental process, pricing model, and way to make the service available to the customers. All these aspects affect how the operation will shape out.

How do I start a furniture rental business?

Starting a furniture rental company requires a lot of planning, preparation, and setting up processes. First, you need to make a business plan. Your business plan includes a description of your business, market and competitor analysis, financial plan, and marketing plan. It is also essential to consider how you will organize your rental operations, such as customer management, order processing, inventory tracking, logistics, and maintenance. Learn more about starting a furniture rental business →

Is a furniture rental business profitable?

Generally, renting furniture can be very profitable and have high profit margins. Still, just like with any company, profitability comes down to your business's income and expenditure structure. Incomes are primarily determined by whether your market analysis reveals that there is demand for a furniture rental service in your area. The furniture itself, warehouse rent, insurance, vehicles, and staff salaries are typically the most significant expenses. To better understand your financial estimates, we recommend looking at ourguide to financial planning and budgeting →

Do people actually rent furniture?

The furniture rental market is booming, and that's not a surprise as there are several examples of situations when renting furniture instead of buying simply makes more sense. One-off rentals can be used for special events where, for example, more seating is required. Rent-to-buy is a flexible way of letting customers try out how a more expensive piece of furniture will look in their own home. Therefore, the rent-to-buy model is particularly convenient for shops selling designer furniture. Furniture subscriptions are an excellent option for people who live elsewhere but may have to spend several months on secondment in a different city or abroad. In such cases, people prefer to live in a homely environment rather than a hotel.

Do I need furniture rental software?

It is strongly recommended that you start using cloud-based furniture rental software from the early days of your business. Rental management software allows you to accept online bookings, manage inventory, process orders, streamline the billing process and accounting, and run your business in one system instead of spreading all the data across several apps and spreadsheets. This gives you a better overview and control of your business.


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