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Riding the waves with Twice: Tom's Surf Hire

Toms Surf Hire, located in the breathtaking Croyde Bay, offers surf equipment essentials for rent. After operating strictly on a carbon-copy form basis, it was time to find a cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to run and grow the business. Tom, the founder of Toms Surf Hire, is here to tell us how Twice has helped him achieve more sustainable and streamlined business operations.

After a semi-professional career skier in the Alpine mountains in Switzerland, Tom Sherrin, launched Toms Surf Hire back in 2021. Set against the stunning backdrop of Croyde Bay, his business has swiftly become a haven for surf enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.


The surf shop has thrived with the assistance of Twice, a SaaS tool specifically designed to support the rental economy. They provide a wide range of equipment for rent, including surfboards, wetsuits, bodyboards, and paddleboards. This ensures that all visitors have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the enchanting world of the ocean.

Unlocking savings and sustainability

Tom's journey with Twice began when he sought an efficient solution to streamline his business operations and enhance customer experience. Before finding the right solution for the business, Tom mentioned that the biggest challenge he was facing was using copious amounts of paper for filling sensitive information, which wasn’t only expensive but also extremely wasteful.

We used to use carbon copy forms, but we are so much more efficient with Twice, and it is actually cheaper. It’s been a cost-effective way of streamlining my business.


According to Tom, transforming Toms Surf Hire from a pen-and-paper to a fully digital establishment was a breeze.

"There was an easy drop-in widget in my website builder for Twice," Tom explains. "And day-to-day, it was easy to use and saved time."

Efficiency from shore to office

Twice empowered Tom to effortlessly manage inventory, track orders, and accept payments, all while providing a seamless online booking experience that elevated the customer journey. With Twice's user-friendly interface, Tom was able to efficiently keep track of his stock just by looking at his computer.

"This was a game changer as it eliminated the need to constantly call the staff at the beach to find out what equipment was available."

Instead, he had all the information right at his fingertips when talking to prospective clients in the office. This not only saved time but also enhanced the customer experience by providing accurate and up-to-date information about equipment availability.

Riding the wave of sharing

The collaboration between Twice and Tom's Surf Hire has made it possible for individuals to indulge in watersports without the financial strain of buying costly equipment. As per Tom, this has resulted in impressive expansion, as evidenced by a substantial surge in online orders and b

People have the ability to experience something which I personally love without the cost of buying expensive equipment or cheap "single" use kit. I think renting is a great option to start with or to try things out!


From rentals to relationships

Tom's ability to transform surfing into a shared adventure, coupled with Twice's user-friendly interface, solidified his position at the forefront of the industry. Now, more than ever, Tom is able to share his love for the sport with surf enthusiasts from all walks of life, whether they’re seasoned wave riders or first-timers.

I think surfing is one of those things where people want to be a part of a community as well as just participate in the sport. They spend all week in the office looking at forecasts and webcams. I try to make them feel part of it all when at the beach. Not just give them a board and be done with it. That, along with our location and smooth booking system, put us at the top of the pile!


Growth in the pipeline

Looking ahead, Tom envisions expanding his business to a second location. With Twice by his side, he remains confident in his ability to manage inventory and operations across multiple sites seamlessly. When asked about whether he would recommend Twice to other business owners, Tom said he would:

"The support has been great, and it's been really easy to integrate into my current setup, both online and day-to-day."

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