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Same Vision, New Features, New Name: Welcome to TWICE Commerce

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Dear valued customer, partner, or follower.

Over the last four years, we've powered tens of thousands of rental businesses worldwide. We've always considered it our mission to extend our offering in ways that enable our customers to grow their businesses.

Now, we're incredibly excited to introduce the beta version of our new Resale feature!

We published the first version today, a game-changer that simplifies the process of selling pre-owned products on the platform and sharing the listings across other channels.

In the coming months, we will enhance this feature for reselling merchants and streamline the process for rental businesses to sell their retired fleets effortlessly. We'd like to encourage you to explore this new capability and give us your valuable feedback as we continue to advance and integrate it into our offering.

In line with the expansion of our platform from rentals to resales, we have renamed our platform to reflect better our current capabilities and future aspirations of helping you grow your business even more.

We are proud to introduce our new name: Rentle is now Twice Commerce!

So, what changes?

The platform name. Plus, you can also create resale listings with our platform. You simply get more!

Our vision remains steadfast—accelerating sustainable consumption of durable goods worldwide and decoupling economic development from consuming virgin materials.

We are building a future where our planet isn't the one paying the price for economic growth, where sellers can battle squeezing margins and earn more by selling items twice or more. We envision a world where an improved bottom line doesn't require new manufacturing.

Why "Twice Commerce"?

The essence of "Twice" lies in our belief that every item should have the opportunity for a second life.

The journey from zero to one is undoubtedly challenging, but transitioning from once to twice can be equally daunting, as any retailer dealing with product returns can attest. However, we believe that if you can do something twice, you should be able to do it as many times as you want, and we are here to help you get to twice and beyond.

The promise for businesses is that by selling something twice, you can usually earn more than twice the margin. A principle we are seeing an increasing number of responsible businesses adopting as the premise for their growth as they launch rentals, buyback programs, and second-hand and refurbished sales. 

In our quest for a name that mirrors our mission, we sought a simple yet mission-driven term that would continually remind us of the challenge we face: decoupling economic growth from consumption.

Here are some fundamental beliefs we uphold at Twice when it comes to sustainable commerce:

  • Sellers initiate businesses and sell goods to make a living. It's our job to help them make that living.

  • Your purchase as a consumer contributes to someone's livelihood. It's our job to make that experience frictionless.

  • The more usage an item gains throughout its life, the fewer new items we need to produce. It's our job to help maximize every item's usage.

We must make earning profits synonymous with more sustainable consumption. And we feel 'Twice' captures that essence.

Ok. Do I need to react as a customer?

Nope. We are proud and happy to continue working to support your business, under our new name, knowing that you are at the forefront of changing the world of commerce for the better.

Many famous songs may tell you to think twice or not to think twice. But at Twice, we encourage you to make the conscious choice to use Twice. This isn't just a pun—it's an invitation.

We invite you to explore our new Reselling capability and see firsthand how it can benefit your business. Your insights are invaluable to us, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on this exciting new addition. As the feature is still in beta, you have a lot of influence on the direction where it is heading.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey thus far. We're looking forward to continuing to support your business and reaching new heights together in the future!


Tuomo, CEO and Co-Founder of Twice Commerce


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    Article written by Tuomo

    Tuomo is a Co-Founder and CEO at Rentle.