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Product update: Introducing Stripe deposits and much more

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It's again been a month loaded with new features and improvements, making several areas in Twice significantly better and easier to work with. This post introduces the product update highlights from the previous month.

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What's new

Stripe deposits

We have added support for charging pre-authorized deposits with Stripe. Previously we supported deposits only in Twice Payments, meaning the deposit feature was unavailable outside the European Economic Area.

With this long-awaited and highly requested update, merchants using Stripe can now better protect themselves against damage, theft, late cancellations, etc.

For instructions on setting up and managing deposits, visit our help center.

Customers list

Customers view lists all your customers, their contact details, and relevant information about their purchase history. You can, for example, see a customer's lifetime value and how many orders the customer has placed in the past. You can also filter the data and export views as CSV.

You may expect many future updates and improvements to the now-published version. Eventually, the Customer view will replace the 'Marketing List'.


Toggle on/off automatic emails

We have added a possibility to toggle on/off automatic emails sent from Twice. The update introduces a new 'Emails' tab under Settings, where you can choose which emails are automatically sent by Twice to your customers. We have also added the possibility of sending test emails to your own email address to preview the automated emails.

This feature is helpful if you want to build event-based email workflows outside Twice using webhooks and third-party email tools like MailChimp.

Read more about transactional emails at our help center.


New duration options

We have added the support for defining pricing for two new time units: months and minutes. Previously our settings have supported pricing by the hour, day, and week. The new time units add much more flexibility in creating short and long-term rental options for your products.


New Twice Admin theme

We have updated the Twice Admin to use a fresh new logo and color scheme. This update also brings a large amount of UI consistency improvements and other minor fixes to the look and feel of Twice.

We hope you like it!


New Online Store customization options

We have added a bunch of new customization options to the Online Store. These updates include:

  • The ability to adjust the logo sizing and positioning.

  • The ability to add custom content to your About page, such as images and text blocks.

  • The ability to change your Online Store's and Check-in App's favicon.

  • The ability to create translations for your own custom content. You can do this in the Translations view.


Improvements to the Delivery Platform

In this release, we are introducing several long-awaited updates to Delivery settings.

The delivery handling times have received a UI update, making them easier to understand and set up. Handling times can now also be defined to only count weekdays (Mon-Fri) or days when your store is open.

Delivery options now allow you to control how they behave together with your opening hours. You can define whether delivery, pick-up, and self-return options are available on days when your store is closed.

We have also reduced the Delivery Platform prices for all plans. The new price for the Delivery Platform is now $0.9/booking, regardless of your plan. The new prices are valid for new bookings from the 7th of November.

This update also fixes various minor bugs and inconsistent behavior related to delivery timeslots and availability.

Improvements to Twice Online Store embedding

You can choose to embed the store locations page with the Twice Embed Builder. Moreover, we have fixed the issue where embedded Twice stores did not always correctly scroll to the top of the embed section when browsing between pages.

Improvements to Inventory view's usability

We have made several improvements to the Inventory view to improve its usability. The updates include:

  • A new 'Status' filter on the Inventory Articles page. 

  • Articles and SKU tables now have a new location filter for better multi-location usage

  • Articles marked as "Sold" or "Lost" are hidden by default

  • The inventory search bar value and status and SKU filters are now reflected in the URL, which means these filters will stay as they were when navigating, e.g., back and forth between the Article Details and All Articles page. This also means that specific filter combinations will have unique URLs, so you can bookmark them for later use or share them with your team.

Moreover, you can now create new SKUs for newly created products directly from the Product's Availability tab. This removes the need to move back and forth between the Product Catalog and Inventory when connecting new products to the inventory.

Smaller improvements and fixes

  • You can now add user-level restrictions on who can edit and cancel orders in Twice Admin

  • We have added the possibility to request a quote for an annual or bi-annual deal, for a discounted price, directly from Twice Admin

  • The "Products" section of Twice Admin is now named "Catalog"

  • We have added a collection of improvements that simplify and streamline the creation of new products in Twice Admin

  • Fixed small UX issues when using product duplication functionality

  • You can now get all the product images from the product API endpoint

  • We have fixed the issue that deposit amounts did not always show correctly in the Order Summary view

  • We have added a warning if a user has unsaved changes in the Inventory Article view and is about to exit the view.

  • Fixes a bug where enabling a block would sometimes cause an error

  • Fixes a bug where SKIDATA catalogs were not always correctly synchronized


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