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Product update: New API, Packhelp partnership, and much more

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We are pleased to announce a range of new features and improvements to Twice that will enhance your experience and simplify your business operations.

Our updated Twice Admin API provides merchants with a way to manage their core assets through an API, which allows building with third-party tools using Twice as a data source.

Additionally, we have added more flexibility to build product packages, new scheduling options for product availability, and several smaller fixes and improvements to address minor issues and enhance usability.

Overall, these updates will help you streamline your operations and provide a better experience for your customers.

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What's new

API 2.0

We are excited to announce the release of the new Twice Admin API, which enables merchants to manage their core assets through a new API interface. The API documentation is available at

While the old Twice API will continue to function, it will be deprecated in the future. Therefore, we highly recommend migrating to the new Admin API, as it provides support for all the endpoints of the previous API and will receive continuous improvements and updates.

We have also updated Twice Webhooks to use the data models of the recently launched Twice Admin API. All new webhooks will now utilize the Admin API data models, resulting in better support for versioning.

Although existing webhooks are unaffected and will continue to function, we recommend that merchants update their webhooks to use the latest API version to benefit from improved functionality. Please note that old webhooks will be deprecated in the future.

Twice x Packhelp

We are excited to announce our partnership with Packhelp, the one-stop shop for all things packaging. With Packhelp, you can take complete control of your packaging supply chain, access sustainable packaging solutions, and benefit from expert advice.

Choose sustainability with Packhelp's reusable boxes, even 150 shipping cycles, and 20% savings compared to single-use products. They are fully customizable to match your brand DNA, easy to fold, taking 90% less warehousing space. Explore Packhelp’s dedicated offering for Twice business partners and save on sustainable packaging today!

Explore sustainable packaging options dedicated for Twice Merchants →



Better checkout customization capabilities

Merchants can now add more custom fields to their online store's checkout, which enables them to collect all the necessary information to fulfill orders more effectively. Previously, only one custom field was supported, which limited the amount of information that could be collected from customers during checkout.

Learn how to customize your online store checkout →


Performance improvements

Some of our merchants with high customer volumes have experienced slowness when using our order fulfillment view. Therefore, we have made significant improvements to the performance of this feature, ensuring that it functions smoothly even during peak traffic times at your store. With this update, you can expect faster load times and improved usability, allowing you to manage your orders with greater ease and efficiency.

Improved UI on start-time management

We have made significant improvements to the user interface (UI) for managing the order start time options of different products. At the same time, the management of start times has moved from general product settings to availability settings.

With this update, you can now easily schedule start dates for products as recurring or assign individual dates when the product will be available. This feature allows you to publish a product in your online store but schedule its availability for specific dates only, which is especially useful for seasonal businesses.

Currently, product scheduling must be defined on a day-by-day basis, but we are planning to introduce support for predefined periods in the near future. This will enable you to set availability for specific periods, such as weeks or months, saving you time and simplifying the scheduling process.

Within a day, you can set an interval for the start times, such as every hour, as before. Additionally, you can set a limit on how many orders you can accept per start time. This is particularly helpful if it takes longer than usual to prepare and present the product to the customer, as it ensures that you can provide a high-quality customer experience while managing your inventory effectively.

Here's our guide on managing start times →


Smaller improvements and fixes

  • Removed unnecessary warning messages for bookings starting outside of opening hours.

  • Improved the behavior of the duration input in Twice Admin and fixed some rare cases where availability would not show correctly for all durations.

  • When starting an order that can be extended, customers now receive an email with a link to the order management app, in addition to the SMS that was already sent previously.

  • Added support for bulk editing the end dates and durations of products within orders. This functionality can be accessed from the Edit Shopper view, which can be found on the booking page by clicking "Edit" for the shopper whose products you wish to edit.

  • Addressed an issue where order-level receipts printed in Twice Admin would show the wrong amount for the total paid in some cases.

  • Resolved a small edge-case issue in extension app availability calculations, which could cause orders to occasionally not be available for extensions.

  • Several minor fixes to Twice Admin, including improvements to how we check if an added credit card is a primary card when merchants add new payment methods in Admin.

  • Fixed a bug where start times that were set to ignore store opening hours were not available if the business hours were marked as closed.

  • Adjusted the background color of the Public / Hidden select in product settings

  • Made adjustments to how the billing cycle is displayed in the order summary.

  • Fixed an issue where the order number of certain resources that can be rearranged (such as products or categories) would be wrongly saved as "-Infinity" in some cases.

  • Fixed an issue with start times where Sundays would sometimes show no start times if the "First day of the week" setting had been set to Sunday under Account > Localization.

  • Fixed an issue where the default currency for merchants in Switzerland would be set to "CHE" instead of "CHF".

  • Added the Webhooks endpoint to be visible in the API documentation for improved accessibility.


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