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Product update: Introducing add-ons, improved barcodes, and more

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It's almost time for the last product development news of 2021! Before we get into that, our product development team is excited to showcase some of the latest updates and improvements. In addition to improvements that will help with things like language management and barcodes, we introduced a completely new section to your Twice store: the add-ons.

Let's take a closer look at what's been happening in our product development. 

What’s new

Build your store with Add-ons


The latest update gives merchants more freedom to choose and add needed features and functionalities to their stores. Now, Lite plan users can purchase different building blocks, like additional language add-ons if they need to add a single language to your store.

In addition, the Delivery feature is no longer in beta but is now accessible for all the stores. You can activate it for your store directly from the Add-ons section.

→ You can find and enable different add-ons at Account > Add-ons.

What’s improved

Improved order confirmation barcode

Previously, some barcode readers came across some difficulties reading the barcode due to the length and quality of the barcode itself.

With the recent improvements, we enhanced the barcode format to be suitable for all inkjet and thermal printers. Now, the barcode of the order confirmation receipt is shorter, so it is easier to read using a scanner. You can also scan it anywhere in the application, and it will open the correct order.

Better language and translation management


Languages-view has a new improved look, allowing you to manage your languages and translations much more easily and efficiently.

The new Languages section in Account settings is now much faster even with a lot of languages and translated texts per language. Additionally, missing translations for a language are now better highlighted, so it's easier to see what needs your attention.

→ Check out the new view at Account > Languages.

Smaller fixes & improvements

Improved check-out: The checkout page now informs customers whenever there is booking-related additional information they need to fill out after the checkout.

Improved discounts: Discount code information is now easier to find when shopping in Twice with a phone. Additionally, as a smaller UX improvement, instead of showcasing only the discount code name in the order, the order confirmation will also show “Discount:” in front of the discount code name.

Updated admin availability status & availability calendar colors: We changed the green availability status colors and symbols on the admin side. This way, it’s going to be much easier to differentiate the available days from booked ones in case someone has color blindness, for example.

New POS receipt button: Receipts no longer need to be printed to send them to the POS system - there is now a button! Depending on your preferences, you can choose if you want to send the information on order confirmation print or by using an external button.

→ You can manage these settings under Account > Integrations. These settings are only visible to stores using a POS integration.

As always, for more information on the new improvements and updates, visit our help center at support.twicecommerce.com. In case you have any additional questions regarding the updates or upgrading your Lite account, don’t hesitate to message us on the chat or email us at support@twicecommerce.com.

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