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Product Update: Usability improvements and new Account view

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It's time to look back at what our product development team had been up to in March. Our latest updates include many navigation and usability improvements to the admin side. You'll notice that many views have experienced facelifts, so as always, let's take a look at the recent improvements with one of our developers' help.

Active store location

The admin side has been significantly improved and simplified for merchants with multiple stores under a single Twice account. With the new update, users will always have an active store selected, which will show the selected store’s content. Previously many views showed content for all stores or had separate store selects - now, it will always use the selected active store instead.

This was designed to make it easier to focus on the relevant content. For example, the Bookings view is not filled anymore with bookings from all the other stores, instead, it shows only the bookings from the active store that you have selected. The product development team is also currently working on updates to the user roles,  which will enable inviting users only to specific stores.

Renewed settings

The settings section received a little facelift. The settings page now contains only the active store-specific information and settings. This means when accessing the general settings from the sidebar, you’ll be showcased the information of the store you have selected. 

The new, simple view allows any store-specific changes to be made easily and with fewer steps. It includes everything from contact information and opening hours to channels.

Here’s what the new settings look like, with the active store location in the upper left corner: 


The new account section

Just like with the store-specific settings, all account-based settings received a new home under the new section called Account. Many views and settings that are mostly used by manager and admin-level users that affect the whole account rather than individual store locations were moved there. For example, you can find everything from billing, notifications, and users to accounting under one easily navigable site.

This addition will make daily operations and account management much smoother and easier to find everything needed under one section. The account location can be found near the bottom of the main sidebar, above the Help & Support chat.


For more information on the new improvements and updates, visit our help center at support.twicecommerce.com. In case you have any additional questions regarding the updates or upgrading your Lite account, don’t hesitate to message us on the chat or email us at info@twicecommerce.com.

Article written by Eliisa L.

The storyteller that spends her time in the studio, outdoors, or creating the best, most relevant content for rental shops.

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