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Product update: Sell ski lift tickets through Twice

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Just in time for the winter season, our product development deployed useful updates that will help increase online sales and the overall customer experience. Toomas, from product development, is here to walk us through the latest updates - let's get into it!

Sell SKIDATA lift tickets through Twice

We’ve been working for quite some together with Skidata to enable the selling of ski lift tickets via Twice. We’re excited to say that during October, we did successful production tests with Skidata, and the integration is now ready to use. With the integration, you can sync your Skidata catalog, manage which ski tickets are available for purchase in the Twice online store, and sell them individually or offer them as an additional product with your rental equipment.

The Skidata integration allows consumers to buy lift tickets with either a new Keycard or to use an existing one. If it’s a new Keycard, after the purchase, the consumer can pick it up from the cashier or the Skidata self-service kiosk. If the consumer adds an existing Keycard, the consumer can go straight to the gates, and the ticket will activate.

New payment methods

We’ve also added many new payment options to the online store. Every customer who uses online card payments will automatically get GooglePay and ApplePay support to their online store. Do note that the ApplePay will be only visible if the device and browser support ApplePay.

We added support for many requested payment methods in the Nordics as well. These include MobilePay and the Nordic bank payments.

In addition to all of this, we also did some technical updates that enable us to bring new payment methods even faster in the future. So you will be hearing about more payment method additions in the coming months. If you are hoping for some new payment method to be available, please let us know!

Send booking confirmations manually

One of our latest updates makes it possible to send out your customers their order confirmation regarding the bookings made from the admin view. Before this, booking confirmations were sent out automatically and only during online bookings, which the customer did themselves. 

Many customers have been wishing that they could send the order confirmation to the consumer even if they do the order manually from the shop admin side, or if the customer requests the confirmation again. With the newest update, this is now possible.

When the order is being made in the shop's admin side, the shop can choose whether or not to send the order confirmation to the customer. Moreover, the email confirmation can be re-sent at any time from the booking view by clicking the mail icon in the sidebar.


Booking View filters

This update allows filtering through the upcoming bookings based on the product, confirmation status, and preparation status. While it’s a small improvement, it’s super handy, especially when handling large quantities of products and bookings on a daily basis. 


Smaller Updates

  • Updated product categories layout

  • Added Danish language support

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