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Product update: More online store customizations and better delivery management

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We've again rolled out several new features and more minor improvements in the past month. The most significant of these relates to online store customization options and improving delivery management.

And hey, we've also published a new product update backlog where we tell about new updates as they roll out. The product update feed is also accessible through the main menu when you are signed in to your account.

So, if you wish to be updated about new features regularly, make sure you subscribe to the updates.

What's new

Online store improvements

The recently published online store editor is constantly getting new features and improvements that help you customize the appearance of your online store. Here are the latest:

Customizable footer


You can now add a footer section to your online store. The content areas allow you to add free-form text, navigation links, and external links that you can use, for example, to link to your social media channels or blog.

Overlay on the featured image when you add text

If you have enabled the featured image and added written content to the section, such as a header, description, or button, we'll add an overlay to the image to improve the text's readability.

Delivery management improvements

The delivery platform has also experienced some polishing that makes it easier to handle delivery & shipping orders.

Add deliveries to sales products

Adding a delivery for a sales order wasn't supported in the product launch when we introduced the possibility of selling products. This is now updated.

New delivery types

By default, a delivery profile can now be configured using one of the three available options:

  • Delivery & Pickup
  • Delivery & optional pickup
  • Only delivery (default for sales orders)

Add tracking IDs for delivery orders

You can now save tracking ID information for orders separately for outbound and inbound shipping. You can do this through the single order view and by clicking the delivery icon in the right-hand side panel.


Standardized information fields in the checkout

We have updated the checkout form to have standardized text fields for relevant delivery information, including:

  • Address
  • ZIP / Postal code
  • City
  • State / Province
  • Country

Previously your customers had to fill out their delivery information in an open text field. Standardized information fields improve the user experience and help you to maintain a consistent information format.

New order summary view

The order summary view shows an overview of the most relevant information about the order, including the order's general, customer, delivery, and product information. You can access the order summary through the single-order view.


Twice Free users can now choose their language

We've opened up the language translations of Twice's admin tools to everyone, including Twice Free users. This means that all users can choose from six different languages (Czech, English, Estonian, German, Finnish, and Spanish) in which they want to operate.

Online store language translations still require installing the Translations Block, which is available in all paid plans.

How to change your account language →

Smaller improvements & fixes

  • We have published a new product update backlog and feedback widget, accessible through the main menu when you have signed in to your account.

  • We have added support for the Slovenian language.

  • We have moved the product variant pricing table from the Variants to the Pricing page.

  • We now save email and phone numbers to Skidata contacts. Said details are now available when accessing the order through Skidata UIs.

  • We have made fixes to some incorrect translations.

  • We have fixed the issue of sales cart items not affecting availabilities correctly.

  • We have fixed the issue of Apple Pay not activating for some custom domains.

  • We have updated Cloud POS integration so merchants can set it up independently.

  • We have fixed the issue of Stripe connect not showing the loading/error state correctly.

  • We have fixed the issue of discount code tables showing prices in cents instead of euros.


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