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Product Update: User roles, Google Analytics, and other improvements

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Let's take a look at the latest product updates brought to you by our product development team. Some of the updates ensure better and more efficient user access & permission management, ecommerce reporting that improves your marketing efforts, as well as some smaller facelifts in the online store that will ensure a smooth customer experience. Let's see what's new!

User roles

Manage your team members’ access to your Twice store more efficiently. With the new user roles and permissions addition, you’re able to manage and grant your team members different access to your Twice store. New and existing users get assigned roles depending on the access level they should have. For example, an admin user has full access to the Twice platform, whereas a member can only create, view, and edit bookings. 

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Google Analytics & ecommerce reporting

A highly requested feature to add your own Google Analytics tag to Twice is now supported. You can track your Teice online store performance and get insights straight into your own Google Analytics reports. The integration works with both UA and GA4 tags. 

In addition to regular analytics reporting, we also send analytics events of ecommerce events that allow you to see advanced monetization reporting about your ecommerce performance, such as the most popular products and view-to-purchase ratios of products. 

Now you’ll be able to see the full impact of your online advertising and social media efforts, making it easier to target your audiences and leverage remarketing, all while testing and improving your site.

Online store improvements

One of the improvements we made to the online store was adding a new landing page for the stores with multiple locations. When redirected from your website to your Twice store, your customers will be able to choose their preferred location and immediately see the location’s description and the opening times. Of course, you can still pass this stage and direct your customers to specific locations’ stores. 


After selecting their preferred location, your customers will see a brand-new category and product listing structure. Now, all your products can be either scrolled through or accessed using the category filters. The improved design allows for a better user experience, as it’s ideal for scanning through products and finding different products and services easily. 


Smaller Updates

  • Category labels: When a consumer browses all products in the online store, we added category labels to make the overall browsing easier. 

  • Snowboarding stance added: You can now ask customers’ stance when they book snowboards.

  • Hide contact information: Stores can hide the online store’s contact details if they prefer not to be contacted via phone or email.

  • Twice Payments are now available in Poland: Poland is now supported as an online payment country.

  • HRK was added as a supported online payment currency.


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