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Product update: WordPress plugin, security deposits, and more

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During the past month, our product development has deployed functionalities and features to even further improve store management and the shopping experience.

Improved online store look

You want your customers to have the smoothest and easiest shopping experience in your online shop. With the new online shop design, your customers will be able to navigate between the different locations and categories more swiftly on any and all devices. 

Location-specific URLs

Especially for shops with multiple locations, the easiest and best way to direct your audience to the right location’s site is through readable URLs. With the latest addition of human-readable, location-specific URLs, your customers can go directly to the shop's product listing of their choosing.


Security deposits 

Deposits are now available for individual products! They are automatically reserved as a pre-authorization in connection with the online payment for the duration of the rental and are released automatically at the end of the rental.

This makes managing the monetary risk of damaged and lost equipment easier and much more efficient. You can set deposits through the individual products' setting pages. 


WordPress Plug-in

No need for coding anymore — with our new Wordpress plugin, you can easily integrate all the benefits Twice has to offer directly to your already existing Wordpress site. Install your plug-in now and start renting within minutes! 


Download your plug-in from here →

Fixed start times for individual products

Let’s say during busier weekends, you want to increase your offering and add additional services, like tours or expeditions. With the new fixed start times update, you can have certain products or services visible during the times and dates that are most suitable for your business. 

This adds much more flexibility to your inventory and schedule management but also adds another way of generating more bookings by offering certain products or services during certain, busier seasons.


Hiding shop locations

Speaking of shops with multiple locations, you want to be able to keep all the information, like opening hours and days, always up-to-date and visible, especially during the booking process. In case one of your locations isn’t active indefinitely or for a certain day, you can now ‘’close’’ shop or hide the location from your sales channels. 

This helps you to control your location-based availability better, avoiding any misunderstandings and unpleasant customer experiences due to the lack of updated information.

Other additions and improvements

  • You can now create a new category directly when creating a new product. 

  • Shop opening times are shown under the online calendar while making a booking.

  • Add start/end locations to rental view and to notification email.

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