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Product update: Delivery, improved pricing, and much more

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Summer has kept our product development team booked and busy! With the latest updates and improvements, rental businesses across all industries will be able to expand their offering and reach a bigger audience. That's not all - let's take a look at what's new. 


One of the most long-awaited updates that we’re happy to present is the Delivery feature. With the new online delivery feature, you can expand your offering to a broader market that is not restricted to your store’s physical location.

Your online customers will now be able to choose a delivery for their order and specify delivery-related details needed to fulfill the order. In turn, delivery orders can be prepared and managed in the Admin's Bookings view. Finally, the prepared delivery orders can be exported as delivery lists that can be handed over to delivery carriers.

delivery 1

Once the online delivery feature is enabled for the store, it can be accessed via Settings -> Delivery. There, you can create and configure store-specific delivery options, which then become visible in the online store. 

The delivery feature is now officially in the pilot. If you’d like to learn more or enable this feature for your account, please contact Twice support through our chat or email us at

For more information on how online deliveries work, visit our help articles.  

Improved tax and pricing settings

Stores now have the ability to define if taxes should be included or excluded in their product prices. If the prices are shown excluding taxes, taxes are calculated and added to the total price of the booking during checkout.

For existing shops, the default option is to include taxes in the prices. If you change the setting to exclude taxes, remember to make sure you have not added the tax to your existing product prices.

The setting to toggle the option can be found under Account Taxes. 


Discount code limits

We also tweaked our discount feature for better usability. You can now set usage limits to the discount codes. That will limit how many times a discount code can be used by the customers before it is not valid. Discount code usage limits make it easy to create campaigns, limited offers, and unique one-time discount codes for your customers. 

TIP: The codes can also be used for creating gift cards — e.g. a 5x20€ gift card can be created by creating a 20€ fixed price unique discount code with a 5-time usage count.

The discount codes view under Products Discounts now also displays the usage count of all of your discount codes.

discount (2)

Account notification updates

With our latest account-related update, you can now configure the recipient of the booking notifications. Merchants with multiple stores might want to decide if email notifications of new bookings should go to the main merchant email or to the email of the store where the booking is created. 

You can decide if booking notifications should be sent to an account or store email by going to Account Notifications. 


For more information on the new improvements and updates, visit our help center at In case you have any additional questions regarding the updates or upgrading your Lite account, don’t hesitate to message us on the chat or email us at


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