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Product update: Including new measurement units and more

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Let's take a look at all of our new features that were released in November. They're here to help you out with inventory management, measurement units during bookings, as well as other order-related improvements. Once again, we have Toomas from development, walking us through the latest updates.

Added support for imperial and US customary units

We’ve added better localization support for measurement units. Now Twice offers support for the imperial unit system as well as the US customary system. The consumers can select the preferred unit when filling in the details, while the shop can choose the default unit from the shop settings.

Customers can fill in their details with their preferred unit, and the unit will get automatically converted and displayed in the unit which was set as default on the admin side.


Updated the default cancellation policy

We removed the default cancellation policy from use, which was shown in case no other policy was defined. This means there will be no cancellation policy visible if there hasn't been one defined by the shop. 

Instead, if a shop has defined a cancellation policy, it will also be shown both during the booking stage and in the confirmation email sent to the customer. Previously, it was shown only during the booking.

This adds flexibility, as well as transparency and clarity from the customer’s perspective. Cancellation terms can be added under in General Settings under products.


Inventory Export

We added the option to download your inventory list as a CSV file. This means that you can export your data to a spreadsheet. 

Exporting helps if you want to have more control of all your inventory data and do inventory checks.

Smaller updates

  • Added a new language. We recently added Spanish as a supported language on the admin side.

  • Online store redesign. We did a bunch of small design updates and updated our main font. This is also pre-work that we were doing to prepare for a bigger online store redesign that we are excited to launch soon!

  • Updated DIN variations. For ski rentals, we’ve added more support for DIN calculations, and you can now also define individual DIN variations on a ski level - these will then be taken into account on the automatic DIN calculation.

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