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Product update: New inventory management section, better embedding, and more

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It's time for the first product development news of 2022. We ended 2021 with one of the biggest updates Twic has ever seen: the completely new inventory architecture and inventory management section. Furthermore, the January update includes a new embed builder, which makes embedding the online store on your website 100 times smoother than it was.

Let's look at what is new in Twice and what has been improved!

What's new

The brand-new inventory management section

The new inventory management section went live already at the end of December. The update puts us in a much better place when developing new features around inventory management and providing new ways for our merchants to do business with their physical assets. More of those later.

In this article, we go through what has changed and why →

Here we explain the concepts of inventory, articles, and SKUs in more depth →

Embed builder

The new embed builder makes embedding Twice's online store on any website much easier. You can access the builder here: You can browse your store like usual and copy the embed code on any page you'd like to add to your website.

The embed builder includes pre-configured options to choose how the layout should work:

  • Fit to content (prevents double scrollbars)

  • Fixed height

  • Fixed width

  • Padded

  • Sidebar

NOTE: We have also made updates and improvements to the embed codes with this update. These changes are not automatically rolled out to our merchants who use the Twice online store embedded on their websites. While the outdated codes still work, we strongly recommend updating those to ensure the best possible functionality.

Please find more information about the improved embedding options on our help center →

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Single-article view and article history timeline

With the inventory update, we introduced a new single-article view. This view lets you take a closer look at your individual articles. Furthermore, you can store metadata for each article and track product usage and usage history with the activity timeline. The timeline shows each booking in chronological order in which the article has been used.

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Improvements & Fixes

Added usage history columns to the inventory table

The inventory table now shows the total number of bookings for an article and the total number of accumulated usage hours from bookings for all articles.

Delivery options can now be set to the delivery-only mode

Delivery has a new configuration option to choose whether or not to provide a pick-up service for the booked items. You can remove the "pick up address" field from the online store checkout by setting your deliveries to delivery-only mode.

If merchants remove the pick-up address field from the checkout, they have an opportunity to add return instructions. This allows merchants to operate entirely through, for example, a central warehouse and postal deliveries.

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Reordering additional products and products in a package

It's now possible to edit the order in which products are shown in a product package and as additional products.

Fixes and smaller improvements

  • Auto-select booking duration when there's only one option to choose from: If a product only has one booking duration available, that duration is now automatically selected, when previously a user had to pick it manually.

  • Improved the performance of the Reports view, so it will not crash for shops with high traffic.

  • Improved the logic for default duration in the new rental view.

  • Payment state is now shown in booking cards for all shops.

  • Fixed the delivery options table showing the pick-up price for delivery-only options.

  • Fixed the issue where some inventory items had usage history from bookings made before the item was created (if another item with the same ID had existed before).

  • Fixed the packages to get the online availability limit correctly from the product settings included in the package.

  • Fixed the '+ accessories' text on the active product card not being visible.

  • Fixed the broken WordPress support article link.

  • Fixed some minor layout issues on Safari.

  • Fixed the language select modal alignment issues.

  • Fixed disappearing Book now/Reserve now bar on New Booking page.

  • Made adjustments to the info and error banner colors.

  • Made the inventory articles & SKU table column menu dots to stay always visible.

  • Fixed the issue in the inventory articles table where the 'article ID' column was unclickable.

  • Fixed the product availability table on mobile

  • Prevented the accidental page refreshing on Android tablets that causes the flow to begin from the start.

  • Fixes to the translations for categories.

  • SKIDATA - Fixed some segments not syncing to Twice.

  • SKIDATA - Fixed the issue of lift ticket name being overwritten when synchronizing.

  • SKIDATA - The integration now attaches (possible) time period data to lift tickets on synchronization and uses the daily time period validity time when creating reservations for these types of lift tickets.

  • SKIDATA - Fixed the lift ticket name being overwritten when synchronizing.



As always, for more information on the new improvements and updates, visit our help center at In case you have any additional questions regarding the updates or upgrading your Lite account, don't hesitate to message us on the chat or email us at


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