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Product update: online store conversion tracking, customization, and improved discount codes

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It's been a while since the last product update, but this is a big and exciting one! The focus areas for the update can be roughly divided into two parts. The first is the new pricing model and related changes, such as the Block store. The second is the improvements to the Online Store.

Let's see what's new and what's been improved.

What's new

Block store

Together with the new plans, we introduced Twice Blocks. Some call them apps, features, or add-ons–we call them Blocks.

We acknowledge that the needs of different industries vary significantly, and a feature that's essential for a bike shop might be irrelevant for an event company. Therefore, we wanted to give users more flexibility to build their own software using the Blocks.

Each plan has a specific fixed set of features. In addition to those features, you can use the Blocks to customize Twice to match your unique needs and requirements.

You can enter the Block Store and start building via the left side panel when logged in to your account.


Google Tag Manager integration

Finally, it's here! The ability to set up conversion tracking for your ad campaigns. Connect your Google Tag Manager with Twice, and create the events you want to track and their triggers in the Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager is a great tool, and we'd argue it's the best practice to install any additional scripts on your website. Tag Manager is basically a container that stores the scripts of different platforms in one place. So, for example, if you want to add Meta Pixel and Google Ads tracking codes to your website, instead of installing them separately to your website, you can add them to your Google Tag Manager. Then only connect Tag Manager with Twice.

To start using Google Tag Manager with Twice, you'll need to install the Google Analytics Block.

Check out Google's guides for using Tag Manager →


Font customization for the Online Store

It's incredible how big a difference the typography can make to the look and feel of a website. So, we've added the ability to change the fonts in your online store. You can use different typography for headings and body–whatever suits your brand's style. At the moment, we support fonts included in the Google Fonts library, with more than 1000 unique fonts.

You can find customization settings in account> General Settings > Branding.


The date range for discount codes

Another long-awaited feature. Now you can add a validity period for the discount codes.

You can select that the discount code is only valid for bookings made within a given date range or only valid for bookings that start within a given date range. Hopefully, this improvement helps you build better campaigns and adds value to the discount code feature.


Improvements and fixes

  • Added an advanced & basic setup flow when the store is connecting to a root domain.

  • Customer comments for bookings are now visible on the in-store receipts and booking confirmation emails.

  • We've added more metadata to the Online Store's product and category pages for better search engine friendliness and social media shares. We autofill the metadata using your store's, products', and categories' names, images, and descriptions in the meta tags. The metadata is currently uneditable, but we're working hard to make these fields customizable and bring more search engine optimization features available for you.

  • Twice's branding configurations now affect the Online Store in addition to the Check-In kiosk interface. In addition to the previously mentioned font customization, you can customize button colors and shapes to match your brand style better.

  • Fixed the issues with delivery-only mode and product maintenance times that caused pickup slots not to be found.

  • Fixed the issue where pricing options hid from specific channels but were still used to calculate product prices

  • Fixed an issue where merchants had correctly configured, e.g., a "1-week" option in their pricing tables but it was displayed as "7 days" in the Online Store. Now the durations are shown as configured in the pricing tables.

  • Fixed the "Go to checkout" button in the shopping cart modal which sometimes showed only partially on iOS.

  • Fixed auto-scroll to cart not working after adding the 1st product to the cart in the embedded view when browsing on mobile.

  • Fixed a bug where a customer could sometimes select an unavailable start time in the Online Store.

As always, for more information on the new improvements and updates, visit our Help Center. In case you have any additional questions regarding the updates or your plan, don't hesitate to message us on the chat or email us at


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